A Guide to Creating a Luxury Home on a Budget

Creating a high-end looking property might feel impossible, especially if you have a small budget for home improvements. However, you don’t need to necessarily spend a substantial amount of money to enjoy an elegant, stylish, and comfortable interior that will impress every guest who walks through your front door.

A few interior design hacks and tweaks might be enough to turn your tired, boring rooms into a sophisticated space. Read the below helpful advice on how to create a luxury home on a budget.

Add Crown Moldings

Little details can make a big difference to your décor. Fool your guests into believing you live a high-end lifestyle by adding crown molding into your living room, kitchen and/or dining room.

It can bring both the walls and ceiling together, which can make a room appear complete. Without this small yet luxurious detail, a room can often look unfinished and cheap.

Fortunately, crown molding isn’t expensive, as you can incorporate either paintable or plastic versions into your décor. While there are many superb options to choose from, it is often best to opt for the widest trim to suit your budget, which can ooze class and style.

There are various other molding types to choose from, too, such as ceiling beams, high baseboards, ceiling medallions, and chair rails.

Install Sophisticated Wooden Flooring

It is not only crown moldings that can help to make a room appear complete, as the flooring option you select can also help to tie your interior elements together. While carpet can feel warm and cozy underneath your toes, it is vulnerable to stains and general wear and tear, so you will more than likely need to replace it after a couple of years.

Instead, you should choose solid wood or laminate flooring that not only complement both contemporary or traditional designs, but it will stand the test of time, so can provide a classic appearance at a value for money price.

Wood or laminate flooring can also make a room appear much bigger than it is, and it can add more visual interest than carpet. Find an affordable, high-quality option for your property at https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk

Choose Elegant Paint Colors

The paint color you choose can make a room appear cheap and tasteless or refined and stylish. That is why selecting a shade can be such a tough decision when decorating a room, especially if the décor will be based on your chosen color scheme.

If you want to add instant elegance and glamour into your property, there are certain paint colors you would be wise to add to your walls.

You should pick one of the following two options:

  • A bold, dramatic shade (e.g., Lavender, Raisin Torte, or Highlight Gold)

  • A soft, understated hue (e.g., Palladian Blue, Garden Stone, Intense White, or Revere Pewter)

Incorporate Soft, Cozy Pillows

Pillows can be a superb accessory in almost any home. When chosen carefully, they can add a splash of style and texture into your living room or bedroom. Plus, the extra comfort on your sofa or bed can create a soft, cozy and layered appeal to a space, which will encourage you and your guests to relax and unwind.

Improve your décor’s comfort level by buying pillows that are large enough to rest on with ease, such as a 24-inch insert with a 22-inch pillow cover, which can create a plush, inviting home.

Affordable Gold Accessories

Gold is commonly associated with luxury and wealth. If you want your home to reflect your aspirational lifestyle, add affordable gold accessories into various rooms within the home to create an opulent feeling; however, ensure you do not add too much gold into one space, which can end up looking cheap instead. For instance, you could incorporate reasonably priced gold mirrors, picture frames, faucets, and more.

A Spa-Like Bathroom

If you want to create a serene bathroom that will make you want to indulge in a hot bubble bath for many an hour, you might need to make a few low-cost tweaks to your bathroom. For example, you can incorporate plush, white towels for your family and guests, burn scented candles to create a light, fragrant atmosphere, and hang soft bathrobes on the door to create a sense of luxury.

You alsoshouldspend a little extra money on luxurious soaps, and you could even install an affordable heated towel rail, which will help you to create a spa-like bathroom that will make you feel instantly calm.

A Well-Organized Space

It is important to realize that creating a luxury home isn’t just about your home’s furnishings, flooring or paint color, as organization can be just as detrimental to your décor.

While you might not have the budget to pay for an interior designer, you can pick up some top tips by reading interior design magazines to create a well-organized home that is free from clutter and effectively utilizes space.

For example, you can use baskets and bowls to hide clutter in your bedroom, living room or bathroom. You also can hang shelving, add bookcases, and arrange chairs into groups to encourage conversation. Such storage facilities can ensure everything within the home has both a place and purpose.

Trigger the Senses with Affordable Flowers

Flowers and greenery can be a relatively cheap way to create a high-end interior. An aromatic, elegant arrangement will ensure a room is bursting with color and can trigger a person’s senses before they have even stepped inside a room, as it can create a light, airy, and fragrant space.

Of course, regularly buying floral bouquets can be expensive, which is why you should choose inexpensive, long-lasting flowers and plant life, such as elegant orchids that will bloom in cycles.

Tip:If you can’t afford to have flowers in the home as often as you want, invest in a diffuser. Diffusers can have a long life expectancy, and when they run out, they are easy to replace/refill.

Hang Affordable Artwork

Make your home appear more expensive than it is by hanging works of art on walls throughout the property. The first thing you should do is identify where a frame would be best placed on a wall, and you must make sure the art you add will be the right scale and size, too.

However, it is essential not to overcrowd your walls with various pieces and allow a work of art to speak for itself. You also don’t need to purchase original works, either, as you can buy high-quality prints at a local art store or could create your own.

Update Your Old Fixtures

If your home is looking a little dull and tired, you might be unsure about the changes you need to make to breathe new life into your property. If so, updating your old fixtures could be a quick, easy way to redecorate your home without damaging your finances.

For example, you could replace your kitchen cabinet handles, door knobs, drawer pulls, and switch plates. The small, inexpensive alterations can provide a room with a high-end sheen.

A Stylish Backsplash

Rather than completely redecorating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, which can eat away at your savings, you could improve an interior by adding a stylish backsplash. It can often cost less than $10 per square foot to update your décor. Plus, if you choose an option with a mesh backing, it is simple to install.

An Area Rug

Transform the look and feel of a room by laying down a comfortable area rug. Doing so can help ground your furniture and add more visual interest into the space. However, make sure the feet of the surrounding furniture is touching a portion of the rug.

Expose Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has the power to elongate a room and can create a brighter, lighter and airy space that can lift a person’s mood. Avoid blocking windows throughout the day to welcome as much sunlight into your property.

If a room offers limited sunlight, invest a little money in table and floor lamps, which can light up your space and they could even serve as a beautiful focal point. Browse thrift stores and flea markets to find unique, affordable options that will not blow your budget.

Buy Voluminous Accessories

Items that often have much weight and volume are often associated with wealth and luxury. For this reason, you must avoid purchasing flimsy items and buy more voluminous accessories for your living room, bedroom or dining room. Make your home exude quality and luxury with:

  • Thick throw blankets

  • Large, elegant vases

  • Heavy, attractive ornaments

  • Solid curtain rods

  • Thick curtains

Follow the Rule of Three

A room’s layout is just as important as the quality of its products, if not more so. To make your home appear organized and trendy, follow the rule of three when decorating a room. For example, add three accessories of varying heights together on a bedside or coffee table, which can add texture and interest to a room.

A Clutter-free Interior

There is no point investing in high-quality flooring or cozy area rugs if you are going to fill a room with clutter. If you want to create a luxury home that continually has the wow factor, you must maintain a clutter-free interior. To do so, make sure all paperwork is kept out of sight, remove loose items, and routinely descale your belongings to increase space across a room.

Boost Your Thread Count

It is often worth paying a little extra money for a better thread count for your bed. Not only will your bedroom appear more luxe, but it will feel it, too. Combined with extra pillows, you will long to curl up in your bed after a hectic day in the home or at work.

A Beautiful Dining Room Centerpiece

Every dining room table needs a beautiful centerpiece. Rather than visiting your local home ware store to buy an expensive item, you should add some fresh-cut flowers into a vase, which will create a stunning focal point that will prove you take great pride in your home and have superb attention to detail.

Pick Up White Dishes

Do you not have a big enough budget for fine china? Not a problem. All you need to do is pick up affordable white dishes, which you can find with ease online. The basic crockery will help to showcase all the colors in a dish, which can make an impact when serving dinner to your guests. You could even pair them with gold flatware to create a high-brow look.

A Bathroom Statement Wall

If you want to redecorate your bathroom but don’t have enough money in the bank to spruce up the entire space, consider creating a statement wall that will make a big impact. Reduce expenditure by redecorating one wall in a different tile or color, which can create a distinctive, attractive design.

Create a Vignette

If you are unfamiliar with the term "vignette," it means a group of small objects that are displayed together to create an attractive focal point. If you don’t have enough cash to spare for expensive accessories for your coffee table, you could add objects of interest that will add both charm and character.

For example, a seashell, vacation postcard and a mini cactus could create a beautiful vignette. It is bound to draw a guest’s eye, and it can be a great conversation starter. Guests are sure to be interested in the stories behind the objects displayed.

Embrace Minimalism

If you dream of creating a modern, trendy home, but have a limited budget, embrace minimalism. Buying a few bulky pieces will be much cheaper than purchasing many cheaper, smaller products. So, avoid filling a room with endless accessories and purchase high-quality, key pieces, which will grab people’s attention, such as a corner sofa, large plant, or a big and bold work of art.


There is no reason to spend a considerable amount of money to improve the look and feel of your home. The above top tips prove you can make small, affordable tweaks to your property to create a luxurious, stylish and comfortable interior.

So, if you want to create an opulent design that makes your house feel like a relaxing, trendy home, invest both your time and money on modern wood flooring, cozy pillows and area rugs, statement walls, and elegant paint colors.


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