Christmas All Year Round: Jolly Reasons to Install Permanent Holiday Lights

Christmas is just around the corner, which means homeowners are a few months away from re-installing their holiday décor, such as the lights. Christmas lights are essentials in brightening the holiday season. They can, however, be bothersome since putting them up and taking them down every year is a stressful chore.

But here's an idea: what if you never take them down?

A holiday lighting display will not only give your home a festive feel; it can also boost your curb's appeal, increase your home's value, and more.

Keep Your Christmas Lights Up

Everyone can see the Christmas lights you had delivered to your home (via last mile or overnight) all year-round. No need to install and tear them down after the holidays. This is a big relief if you're not a big fan of spending time on the roof. You'll have more time watching Disney Christmas movies or resting during the holidays.

If you want to change the look of your lights, adjust the settings of the patterns or color shades with ease. Most LED Christmas lights come with a handheld remote that makes it easy to change the style or design of the product.

Holiday Lights Are Almost Invisible When Not Lit

Regular Christmas lights on your gutter in the middle of July can make your home look unkempt. On the other hand, permanent Christmas lights are almost invisible when not in use. The clear light caps blend well with your gutters from the street and into your roofline.

Also, they're less noticeable when viewing them from your porch or driveway. This means your permanent Christmas lights will shine bright without annoying your neighbors.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Houses with sufficient lighting appear to be well-cared for, which is a plus for potential homebuyers. Landscape lighting, in particular, could also help sell your home in the evening hours. These lights can make the exterior of your home look beautiful and welcoming.

Permanent holiday lights can also function as landscape lighting. Use them to highlight certain architectural features of your home or create an inviting setting that appeals to guests and potential homebuyers. Complement your Christmas lights with floodlights, path lights, recessed lights, and in-ground lights.

Control Your Lights with an App

Did you know that you can light up your home with your phone? Many permanent LED Christmas lights can be controlled with an app. Install your permanent holiday lighting display and use the app to turn your lights on and off with a virtual button. With an app, you can change the colors, schedule the display, or choose movement patterns.

Holiday Lights Aren't Exclusive to Christmas

Since permanent Christmas lights are customizable, you can use them for any holiday. Red and pink colors work well for Valentines' Day. Orange and purple make Halloween look more special. You can also light your home with the colors of your favorite sports team during game day.

Fun Home Additions and Activities

Permanent holiday lights are fun. You can have a great time programming them with your children or grandchildren. Enjoy coming up with different patterns, colors, and designs. Plus, your choices in designs are limitless.

Permanent Christmas Lights Installation

You have two choices when it comes to holiday lighting installation: have a professional install the lights or do-it-yourself.

Permanent holiday light installation involves a lot of planning. If you don't have the time for it, best to have a professional team come and install the lights efficiently and safely. They'll analyze the layout of your house, as well as determine how much lighting is necessary.

If you wish to DIY your permanent holiday lights, follow these rules for proper installation:

  • Refrain from cutting any wires with the lights powered. Permanent Christmas lights are powered any time you plug them into a power source, whether the lights are on or not. Always install your Christmas lights unplugged from all power.
  • Connect like to like wires.
  • The direction of your lights should be constant. All lights have outputs and inputs - all must be connected in to out.

Bottom Line: Permanent is a Must

When it comes to festive lighting, permanent Christmas lighting is a must-have for any home. When you want your house to be festive for any occasion of the year (but not every day), a permanent option is the best route to go.

Permanent Christmas lights are durable, practically invisible, and configurable solutions that decorate your home for any holiday.

Take your holiday decorating to the next level by going permanent with your Christmas lights.

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