Not everyone is a born entertainer. However, anyone can host a great party with a few simple tricks to make hosting a breeze. The most important rule to remember is 'Have Fun'. If you are having fun, your guests will relax and have fun, too. If you are tense and on edge, it's likely your guests will be too. 


Tips For Partying

Here are some tricks to help you get started. Use these as a guideline to get started and then modify them to suit your needs as you grow more confident in your parties.


  • Choose a theme


  • Have a Drink


  • Just Add Food


  • Turn Up the Music


It's important to have a theme, even if it's simple. This is something guests can concentrate on as they prepare for your party. You can make it a color, an object (like a costume), or a season, for instance. If it's a color theme, try to make your decorations and even foods match the color. For example, use pickles, olives, and cucumber slices for St. Patrick's Day foods. Ask your guests to wear green. This ties your party theme in for everyone. 



Welcome your guests in with a drink. Alcohol will help to loosen people up and get them talking. However, if you prefer an alcohol-free gathering, offer guests some punch or mocktails. Having a drink in hand helps people to feel more at ease. Be sure to have a special drink ready for designated drivers - something fancy like Gingerale garnished with cherries and pineapple chunks on a toothpick or hot spiced cider. 


Where are the Munchies?

Food is probably the most important element of any party. Whether you have light appetizers, an elegant dinner, or buffet-style layout, or just bowls filled with chips and pretzels - you must include food for a party atmosphere. If you are not a cook, why not consider having the party catered? A company like Flavours Catering can help with anything from hot appetizers to full meals. This will leave you free to mingle and control the music without having to worry about guests being hungry. 


Pump Up the Volume

Music will set the tone for your party atmosphere. Casual dinner parties should have soft music flowing in the background, allowing guests to chat easily. Crank up the beat to 'thumping' and welcome guests inside for a dance party. This will get them moving from the moment they enter your home. A Halloween party could have Monster Mash playing to greet costumed guests as they come inside. 


Finally, make sure guests know where everything is located. Chalkboard signs can mark restrooms and coat closets. A sign on your door can tell guests to 'Come on in' and 'Leave Your Shoes at the Door'. This helps your friends to feel at ease. 


Don't stress over parties. Use these tips. Gather your friends and have fun together. 


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