Effects Of Living With Low Testosterone Levels

One of the many problems facing men as they grow older is the steady decrease of testosterone levels. What exactly is testosterone? It is a chemical mainly found in males that help the development of body characteristics and functions. It’s the building block steroid for human males. When do testosterone levels begin to decline? The consensus is that testosterone levels start to lower around thirty and continually decrease every year after. Reduces of testosterone can have many adverse effects on the male body. So before you visit your doctor or local low t center, let’s look at some consequences of living with low testosterone levels. 

Significant Hair Loss

The first thing you will notice in low testosterone levels is the multiple losses beginning to occur all around your body. What kind of losses are we talking about? Well, one of the first ones is hair loss. Testosterone is a crucial component in hair growth in the male body: less testosterone, less hair. A significant percentage of men experience hair loss later in life; a loss of testosterone is the main factor of this. This can lead to receding hairlines, a loss of hair on the body, and the complete shutdown of hair growth. It can be very difficult or near impossible to reverse these effects even with traditionally hair regrowth products and medicines. 

Decreased Muscle Mass

One significant benefit of testosterone is the powerful ability to produce and craft muscles in the male body; however, this superpower begins to fall by the wayside once your body’s production of this chemical starts to fade. Also, lean muscle mass begins to deteriorate as your testosterone starts to decline. Hair and muscle are both things that can bring about confidence and positive self-esteem to most people. 

Reduced Sex Drive

Another negative symptom, low testosterone levels can drastically reduce a person’s sex drive. This can mean a few different things. Firstly, low testosterone levels can reduce the want or desire for sexual pleasure or activity: a man won’t put in the effort or go out of his way for a sexual experience than when he might’ve been in his youth. And secondly, low testosterone levels can cause E.D. (erectile dysfunction) or similarly related symptoms. So even if you want to be sexually active, you might not be able to perform any sexual acts as a result physically. Additionally, low levels of testosterone can lower the amount of sperm during each ejaculation and the amount of viable sperm for procreation — swimmers that lack the proper function to penetrate an egg successfully. 

Incremental Weight Gain

Testosterone also affects a person’s body mass and fat storage functions. When testosterone levels are reduced, the body’s ability to burn calories and effectively keep excess weight is drastically reduced. This means that a person won’t be able to eat as they used to when they were younger: a few beers will stay on the gut more than a dozen would have in your early twenties. Additionally, here is how to choose an effective diet that will help you lose weight and become healthier. 

Reduced Bone Size

A more internal problem, a lack of testosterone, can reduce the size and strength of your body’s skeletal system. From your larger femur to even the smallest bones in your body, they all risk shrinking in size as your body’s testosterone levels shrink with them. This is a significant problem because having strong bones allows you to perform physical activities better and maintain a better body posture. Having a healthy amount of testosterone encourages healthy bone growth and retention. 

Constant Fatigue 

The following symptom of testosterone loss is linked to the other symptoms listed on this list. That symptom is the increase of fatigue and the feeling of being constantly tired. Energy levels decline in tandem with decreasing testosterone levels. This means that getting up and exercising, going to social events, or completing complex tasks becomes more challenging as your body’s levels of testosterone start to wane. Additionally, weight gain and a loss of sexual desire come along with an increase in fatigue. To potentially help with this problem, here are some tips on how to overcome fatigue


Depression can be a physical and mentally debilitating symptom of low testosterone levels. Low levels of this chemical can lead to a loss of serotonin production — this directly leads to the chemical source of depression. However, the appearance of other symptoms can create or even exacerbate this problem. Gaining weight, losing hair, and not performing sexually are problems that can negatively affect your mental state of mind and can harm your overall self-esteem. Having higher levels of testosterone can indirectly raise your positive feelings and the general mindset. 

Other Effects On The Body

Now that we’ve covered the main symptoms that occur with a loss of testosterone production, let’s go over some of the overlooked consequences. One symptom of low t-counts can be tenderness and pain in the breasts and pectoral area of the male body. This can make these areas of the body painful to touch and constant irritation throughout the day. Also, related to low sperm count, low testosterone levels can lead to testicle reduction — the area of the body that produces this chemical in the first place.  


As you can now see, testosterone is a vital chemical for the male body. It runs and allows many primary body functions to occur and develop. Unfortunately, most men will start to lose testosterone at some point in their lives. This loss can lead to hair loss, weight gain, depression, fatigue, and a reduced sex drive. However, some new treatments and therapies can help boost testosterone production in the body: now, all hope is lost. If you are experiencing any problems regarding a loss of testosterone, contact RCMC Medical, the medical professionals today, for treatment options and more information. 

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