Get in on the Trend: How to Decorate With Vintage Embroidery

Vintage embroidery is all the rage when it comes to home decor these days, but do you incorporate it into your home decor? Check out this blog for ideas...

What goes around, comes around, right?

Every generation thinks they are the master of new trends. But what they don't realize is they are just reinventions of something their parents and grandparents embraced back in the day.

So, what's the latest home decor trend that's making a comeback? It's vintage embroidery. Incorporating decorative embroidery into your decor can turn your home into a Pinterest-worthy zen den.

But there's a fine balance between "cool" embroidery and your grans "home sweet home" cross stitch display. Read on to find out how to display embroidery without granny vibes sneaking in.

Are you ready? Let's stitch this.

Vintage Embroidery—A Millenial Trend

Adding an embroidered patch to your clothing is a hot trend in fashion right now. But what about in the home? Read on to find out how to display embroidery in style.

The Art of Vintage Needlepoint

A classic piece of vintage needlepoint is a piece of art worth displaying. But you can also DIY your own pieces, and it's easier than it looks. You can even buy embroidered wall hanging kits online, which give newbies a step-by-step guide.

Decorative embroidery can take on many forms. From minimalist Scandinavian designs to intricate vintage pieces. Just take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials.

Display them on a wall hanging or in a frame to make them pop. Or wrap the finished result over a blank canvas to make the piece stand out from the wall.

Hoops, Glorious Hoops

One of the coolest ways to display embroidery is in an embroidery hoop. Although the actual hoop's designed for stitching only, the hoop itself has become part of the home trend. It's like a ready-made frame!

Use a single hoop to display decorative embroidery. Or try hanging hoops of all different sizes on a gallery wall. You can even buy hoops in a variety of funky shapes to mix things up.

Gallery Walls Galore

Following on from the gallery wall idea, try hanging your embroidery with a mixture of other artworks. For instance, embroidery pieces mixed in with paintings, photo prints, and other artworks.

A multi-media gallery wall will create a unique focal point to any room. So don't be afraid to mix it up!


Of course, gallery walls and hoops galore are a pretty obvious embroidery look. But you can pretty much embroider anything. Here are a few fun ways to display embroidery.

Try embroidering a wastebasket. A few dashes of colorful yarn woven through the mesh of a wastebasket can make all the difference to a humble trash can.

You can also do a similar trick by weaving colorful thread into a wicker basket or a recycled strainer. Yes, you can embroider pretty much anything that has tiny holes in it!

Another great idea in how to display embroidery is to spruce up your shower curtain. Embroider some cool designs and turn your bathroom from drab to fab.

If you're a newbie, but still want embroidery vibes around your home, try starting with a few buttons. Embroider simple designs onto them, such as tiny flowers. You can stitch them on your upholstery to give a subtle pop to any room.

Snapshot Stitches

Now when we say embroidering everything, we mean everything. A really cool embroidery idea is to stitch funky designs onto photos. Yes, photos!

Print black and white photos on light fabric and stitch some brightly-colored designs to give it a new lease of life. Add floral motifs, pom poms or even a sentimental message to make your photo pop. You can display them in hoops or frame them.

Embroidering Accessories

You can even embroider throw pillows to spruce them up a little. Add simple stitches in colors that complement your decor. Or add some DIY pom poms for cute and colorful vibes. It's so easy to do, yet gives a bold statement.

Lampshades are another one of the cutest ways to display embroidery. You could buy a plain lampshade, in any shape or size you desire, then get stitching. Birds, florals, and other bold designs look very dramatic on lampshades.

If you followed the tip above, your shower curtain will make a bold statement. But what about your actual drapes? If they're looking a bit dated and need refreshing, try embroidering a few simple designs.

Furnish with Stitches

If you've fallen in love with the embroidery trend, why not try incorporating them into bigger pieces of furniture. If your an embroidery master, you might be able to take on a big project DIY style. But if you're a beginner, you might be able to find some unique pieces in home decor stores.

For example, embroidery on your sofa or your dining room chairs. From minimalist patterns to elaborate designs, you can make a big statement with embroidered furniture.

Displaying Plants in Style

Another home trend for 2019 has to succulents and other hardy plants. While you could embroider a cool cactus on an embroidery hoop, why not have a live plant instead.

A great way to display your indoor plants is to stitch a hanging basket for your plant pots. Hang them from your window and you'll create an instant bohemian vibe to your living room.

Another floral idea is to create a flower pocket wreath. Embroider half of a hoop and use it as a pocket to collect picked flowers from your garden.

Say It With Stitches

Of course, decorative embroidery is all well and good. But you could use embroidery to share a message.

For example, an embroidered sign with comical bathroom instructions. Or an embroidered hoop signifying a special date, such as a wedding anniversary. Or even a home sweet home style sign, if you can pull it off.

Stitch Your Way to an Insta-Worthy Home

It's clear to see that vintage embroidery for the home isn't just for your dear old granny anymore. So, what are you waiting for? Spruce up your home with some Insta-worthy embroidery pieces today!

Before you go and start embroidering your home from top to bottom, take a look at the Home Design section of our blog for more decor tips and hacks.


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