Natural Ways to Treat Hormonal Imbalance

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle is making hormonal imbalance rampant. We tend to feel stressed and unwell, even if we are not visibly sick. Fluctuating hormone levels have an impact on our appetite, mood, and overall health. Every, even a small change in hormonal balance can lead to adverse effects that, with time, may change into chronic issues. 

The endocrine system is taking care of the circulation of hormones, which perform different functions in the body. They have a great influence on mental and physical health. Without a proper amount of those chemical messengers produced every day, a human being may be experiencing stress, weight loss or gain, and other abnormal indispositions. 

It may sound dreadful that it is so easy to spoil our hormonal balance with a bad diet and not taking care of the organism. On the other hand, it should encourage you to introduce simple nutritional and lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. 

Fortunately, getting back to proper hormone levels is not that hard and can be done naturally. Here you will find ways on how to regulate your endocrine system: 

Get Enough Sleep

High-quality sleep is what your body needs the most, no matter what. A night of undisturbed, consistent sleep is among the essential factors for proper hormonal balance. You can try evorel conti patches that release the hormones into your body through the skin for severe sleep disturbance. Such products can also treat night sweats and anxiety.

Remember that exposing yourself to blue light before getting rest may disrupt your sleep cycle guarded by the melatonin hormone.

Melatonin is very sensitive to light, so if you are scrolling your smartphone just before closing your eyes, this hormone won’t be released for a couple of hours, which harms your sleep pattern. Getting up early (preferably with the Sun) and going to bed when it is getting dark – these are ways to maintain a right melatonin level and a healthy sleeping rhythm. 

Manage Stress 

There is an undeniable correlation between hormone levels and stress. Your endocrine system can be disturbed by extensive secretion of adrenaline and cortisol – stress hormones. 

Even a low level of stress can be why cardiovascular issues, changes in mood, and obesity may appear. That’s why it is vital to make some effort to manage stress, especially that it may be easier than you think.

Of course, you can’t make your problems disappear, but even listening to relaxing classical music reduces stress. It works better if you are focused on soothing vibes and genuinely want to chill out.

Make Nutritional Changes

An unhealthy diet is one of the symbols of today’s modern world. Consuming enormous amounts of sugar and fat that comes from processed food influence your hormone levels. Research shows that avoiding sugar reduces the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

You have to remember that not every fat is bad for you when it comes to nutrition. Medium-chain fatty acids found, for example, in coconut oil regulate the cells that lead the body’s response to insulin.

Diet plays a big role in maintaining a hormonal balance, and it is not only eating well but also not eating too much. Overeating may result in metabolic issues that won’t be visible until years pass. Even a short period of overeating increases your oxidative stress. It is because of the changes in circulating fatty acids in the blood system. 

Herbs for Balance

There are a bunch of herbs that contribute to balancing hormone levels. Their adaptogenic and soothing properties work wonders in your body. Here are some herbs you can use daily to reduce the hormone imbalance:

-       Maca – This popular plant has great clinical results as an endocrine modulator. If your diet isn’t perfect, you can temporarily use the help of maca as it manages oxidative stress. But remember it is not a full-time solution, only a balanced and healthy diet can get you back in shape.

-       Ashwagandha – It is an adaptogenic herb mainly known for its stress reduction and performance boosting properties. It soothes the endocrine system and helps to keep it balanced even in stressful periods of life. 

-       Green Tea – This healthy beverage is full of antioxidants that help to maintain metabolic health. There are correlations between drinking green tea and lowering insulin levels.


As with any organism’s issues, it is essential to pay attention to your individual reactions. When you will notice something strange, such as an unusual mood swing or flashes, write those symptoms down to present your case to the doctor. Do it, especially when you see that the natural ways, like those mentioned above, don’t work well.

In most cases getting back to a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your body, and managing stress will result in restoring the right hormone levels. But sometimes, hormonal therapy would be necessary. Always start with taking tests to see what kind of help you need.

©Paula Sieracka

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