Why is it Important to Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene?

One of the routines that have been programmed into us as a good habit is brushing and flossing our teeth at least twice a day. 

However, brushing and flossing alone is not enough. Most dentists recommend you see them once to twice a year to get professional teeth cleaning and oral exam. 

Visits to dental healthcare professionals, such as those at Hawkins Family Dentistry, can also help to keep that smile sparkling and happy. 

Maintains Your Overall Health

Your mouth is very vascular and, as such, is the doorway to other parts of your body and internal organs. 

It can also show signs of systemic diseases, such as diabetes. Gum infections and mouth lesions are often early signs of diabetes.

According to Harvard Medical School, periodontal disease increases inflammation in the body, including the arteries.

As a result, people with periodontal disease are at a greater risk of developing heart disease. Poor oral hygiene can also cause:

  • Complications in pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Endocarditis
  • Oral cancer
  • Bacterial Pneumonia

That is why people who have existing health complications should take their dental health seriously. For instance, the dental hygiene of an Alzheimer's patient requires more attention since they are in danger of getting mouth diseases that may cause their current health situations to become more severe.

Regularly visiting a dentist can reduce the risks of severe health complications.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth is often the result of poor dental hygiene. When you don’t take care of your teeth and gums, plaque can build up and lead to gum infection or tooth decay.

Be sure to regularly and adequately floss and brush your teeth to minimize plaque buildup. Additionally, be sure to follow preventative dental best practices and get your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist or hygienist who will remove the plaque from hard-to-reach areas on your teeth and gums. 

Feel Good About Yourself 

One of the first things people notice about you when you meet is your smile. It is a trait leftover from ancient times when we relied on such clues to quickly and accurately assess the health of potential mates. 

With good dental hygiene, you can feel more confident that your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. 

This way, you can put your best foot forward and present your best self to whomever you meet. 

Reduce the Risk of Serious Dental Problems and Oral Disease

Proper dental care helps to ensure that your teeth, mouth, and gums stay healthy. If problems arise, a dentist can identify them early and provide the proper procedure to prevent further complications, pain, and discomfort.

Signs of more severe conditions that often arise when you do not take care of your oral health include:

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding gums
  • Mouth ulcers or blisters
  • Pain

Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible if you experience any of the above symptoms. Taking care of your oral health will help prevent serious dental problems and oral diseases. 

Early Warning System

If you regularly visit your dentist, he can help ensure that you are in the best health. 

There are numerous conditions that your dentist can help to detect, even including bad habits. The teeth can indicate behaviors such as gritting your teeth, munching on ice, drinking too much coffee, nail-biting, and more. It may even tell you when you’re experiencing too much stress. 

Digestive problems such as gastritis release acid from the stomach to the mouth and can erode tooth enamel. 

Beyond this, your dentist might be able to tell if you’re having such issues as vitamin deficiencies, acid reflux, dementia, oral cancer, tooth grinding, and diabetes. 

Save Money 

Although dental procedures can be costly at times, they are much cheaper than the exorbitant costs you might be forced to pay for more serious dental issues later on if you neglect it now. 

Treatments such as root canals and crowns will be much more expensive should you need them because of subpar dental care now. 

As such, you are taking care of your dental hygiene is like paying for insurance to prevent more significant problems. 

Final Thoughts

One common reason people are afraid of going to the dentist is the preconception that it will hurt. 

However, when you maintain proper oral hygiene, you will be reducing the chances of suffering from severe dental issues that will cause more pain, require time-consuming procedures, and cost you much more money. 

Take care of your teeth and visit your dentist for regular checkups. Follow good oral hygiene every day as an investment in your overall health.

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