Winter is coming and with it the headaches so that we do not raise our electricity or gas bills too much. And we would like to know how to heat the house in a more economical way.The times are not for us to waste but to find ingenious and alternative practices so that the coldest months of the year are as less burdensome as possible, so it is best that you know how to heat a house at the least cost.

When the coldest months of the year come, any homeowner wonders if they are prepared to face them in the most efficient way. Especially when it comes to heating houses or rooms where there is no central heating. The multiple heating systems on the market have numerous advantages and disadvantages, and personal taste also plays an important role when betting on electric radiators, wood stoves or gas stoves, just to mention three systems to enter hot. In this case we are going to talk about the ceramic heater and the advantages it offers.

Also, in this cold season, electric heaters are an excellent option to heat the room in a very practical and fast way.They are very popular because of their ease of use and because they are very safe.They do not require any kind of installation. You only need an outlet, turn it on manually or with a remote control, and voila!

Natural convection, or radiation, occurs when air passes through the source that radiates heat, but it does not have a fan that pushes it, that is, the heat will be distributed naturally. The density of the hot air causes it to gradually occupy the space of the cold air, until a uniform ambient temperature is achieved.

Assisted convection occurs when the air passing through the heat source is blown into the room with a fan, achieving a faster and more uniform distribution of heat.

In an oil heater it has electric resistances that heat the refined mineral oil inside. Heat is distributed through the natural convection process, when air passes through its fins. In these units the fluid must never be changed. Ceramic or carbon fiber heaters follow the same principles as an electric resistance, such as that of a light bulb, however they are made with materials that enhance the generation and accumulation of heat.

Ceramic Heater

The operation of these devices is simple; Once connected to the electric current, this type of ceramic heater makes it pass through resistance wires that are housed in various ceramic plates. This generates heat quickly and uniformly; you can see ceramic room heaters reviews if you are interested in buying. Therefore, they do not require a previous installation or each time they are used further than finding a plug close to the place that you want to keep warm.

Tower Electric Heater

The Tower model is a vertical heater with fan and swing function, remote control, LCD screen, timer, and temperature indicator. Security system that automatically turns off the equipment when falling.

Quartz Electric Heater

Electric heater with warm touch cabinet wall mounted air conditioner heater combo. Automatically shuts off in the event of knocks or falls. For a small room or to heat the bathroom.

Quartz Electric Heater with Humidifier

Quartz electric heater with integrated humidifier, 2 heating levels and safety device that turns it off in the event of knocks or falls. Warm to the touch cabinet. Practical and light, easy to transport.


Efficiency and Low Consumption

The ceramic heater has the advantage that it provides heat within a few moments of its ignition, and it also has a low consumption, especially when compared to electric or oil stoves. Many models have power optimizers. In addition, it allows to automatically regulate the air outlet depending on the temperature changes that are produced. The low consumption also has a perfect climax in the zero need for maintenance that it requires. Nor does it require, like a wood stove or the like, the use of any fuel.

Low weight and Easy to Move

The ceramic heater has the advantage that it can be easily moved from one room to another, since it is light and usually takes up little space, so it can be placed almost anywhere in a kitchen, living room, room, garage, etc. They include a handle at the top and are also very compact, which for example allows them to be easily moved in the trunk of the car if you want to travel to a house where there is no heating.

Excels at Safety

Safety is a key aspect when deciding what you are deciding which type of heating to use. In this field, ceramic heaters stand out, since they do not use fuel that could generate a possible fire. On the other hand, they have overheating limiters. They also offer greater resistance than traditional heaters due to their ceramic resistance.


Another advantage of ceramic heaters is that they have additional functions. For example, many models can also be used as fans in the summer. It is also common that they have an anti-freeze device, especially in the mid-high and high-end models. Due to their low noise level when in silent position, ceramic heaters can be placed in bedrooms and other places intended for rest.

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