Cerebral palsy is a condition that occurs in early childhood where the development of an infant’s brain is damaged, causing miscommunication between the child’s brain and muscular function. One of the most common causes of cerebral palsy is considered to be the infant’s lack of oxygen during the birthing process. However, many researchers and scientists are now discovering that cerebral palsy can affect the infant’s brain anywhere from before birth until the child turns one since this is when the child’s brain is still developing. 

Holding the health care provider responsible: 

Although the exact reasons for what causes cerebral palsy during labor are difficult to pinpoint down to just a few oftentimes, cerebral palsy can be caused due to the negligence of the doctor and can be otherwise avoided if doctors and hospital staff are being attentive during the labor and delivery process. Apart from a lack of oxygen to the brain during delivery, cerebral palsy can also be caused by mishandling the infant after delivery and other mistakes such as the doctor failing to detect infections in the mother. 

Since these types of injuries to the infant can almost always be avoided if the doctors are not negligible, when these injuries do occur, doctors are held liable for their acts that caused the injury. 

How to pursue a claim against a medical malpractice case: 

For parents who were expecting to meet a happy and healthy baby, having to take care of a child who suffers from a mental condition that affects their physical abilities is never easy. And the cost of taking care of the needs of such a child, introduces an added pressure on both the parents of the child. However, parents who believe their child has been injured due to the misconduct of a medical professional have the right to pursue a claim against the hospital or healthcare provider.  Parents are therefore advised to get in touch with a cerebral palsy medical malpractice personal injury lawyer to help them develop a case that will help them pay for the additional costs incurred due to the injury caused to their child. These costs can include:

  • Medical expenses: medical expenses can range anywhere from the medical bills, cost of medication, cost of therapy, cost of transportation to and from the medical facility, cost of the assistive technology and equipment that the child may use in order to make daily task such as walking or sitting more comfortable.

Who can file the case? 

Although a large number of cerebral palsy cases are caused due to the negligence of doctors, it is not always the case, and therefore not all parents whose children suffer from cerebral palsy can file the case and make a claim. However, getting in touch with an attorney will help the parents recognize if they have a valid case or not. An attorney will also help the parents gather enough evidence to prove their case in court and help them get through the process with the best outcome possible for their family and child. 


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