We’ve all been there where we see someone from a magazine, TV, or even out somewhere with a fantastic outfit on. It’s stylish, interesting, stands out, but also suits the environment. You vow that you’re going to make more of an effort before you leave the house, and you’ll start paying a bit more attention to what you buy and how you put ensembles together. But all of a sudden, your budget is too tight to buy a ton of new things, or you’re too rushed in the morning to properly consider what works well together. In the end, you either stick to your usual clothes or feel slightly out of sorts all day, in a get-up which you just don’t quite feel right in. 


So, you want to make your clothes a little less boring, but don’t quite know where to start. Have a look at these tips on how to bring a little excitement to your wardrobe…


  • Do something different

This may sound odd, but sometimes just wearing something you wouldn’t normally, can make you feel a lot more adventurous and might open the door to trying even more things. If you always wear jeans to go shopping, try a long skirt. If you’re a t-shirt and trainers type of person, try a shirt and blazer with some cool accessories like Moon Magic jewelry. Change can be good!


  • Dare to be unique

When you look around, you might find that people put together variations of a similar theme. So break some boundaries and get a few pieces that will stand out. Anime clothing is a great place to start thanks to vibrant colors and prints of famous characters. Their unusual and quirky design will not only make you look and feel less boring, but it will also probably be a talking point for the people you meet too. 


  • Light up your life

If you think of your clothes as boring, the chances are they might be on the duller end of the color spectrum. Blacks, whites, grays, blues, and neutrals – do they ring a bell? If so, add a little pop of color. Start small to build your confidence with maybe just a top or scarf. Soon you’ll be buying coats and trousers in your new favorite colors too! 


  • Break the rules

Who told you tartan and florals don’t go together? Or that red and green should never be seen? Sometimes, clothes that contrast sharply can end up looking the most stylish when put together. If you like the way the finished outfit looks in the mirror (and provided you’re not wearing anything wildly inappropriate!) that’s the only thing you should ever care about. Dress to please yourself and you’ll soon stop feeling boring! 

Your clothes say a lot about you and are the first thing that people see when you walk in a room. Don’t let those words be ones you don’t like! By following these tips, you’ll soon love the outfits you wear. 

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