Older Women and Glasses: How to Pick the Right Glasses to Suit a Mature Face and Lifestyle

Are you an older woman looking to buy eyeglasses? Do you want your look to reflect the vibrant personality and lifestyle of a mature woman?

We all know that glasses are no longer merely functional but also a fashion accessory. As we age, our faces change shape, and glasses should be chosen with this in mind. 

Picking out the right eyeglasses for an older woman is no small feat. Smart choices based on silhouette, color, material, rim size—and other factors—can make a big difference in how confident we feel about ourselves. In this article, we will explore how to select eyeglasses that perfectly suit the mature face and lifestyle requirements of an older woman.

Choose Frames That Complement Your Face Shape

Your glasses should compliment your face shape, not overwhelm it. A good rule of thumb is to pick frames that match the opposite shape of your face – square frames for round faces, oval frames for heart-shaped faces, etc. 

Aviator-style and rectangular frames look great on a round face because they create the illusion of length. Whereas round or oval frames balance a square face by making it appear softer. Furthermore, those with narrower faces may want to select horn or rimless styles as these can lengthen their appearance.

Pick Your Color Wisely

Older women should go for colors like navy blue, chocolate brown, and purple, which give off a more sophisticated vibe. Avoid bold colors unless you want to make more of a statement with your frames, but also consider how each pair fits in with different outfit choices like formalwear or casual garments. 

Keep in mind that metal eyeglass chains are making a comeback and so you may want to look into buying one of these if you plan on wearing clear lenses instead of regular corrective ones. Choose silver chains to match your hair color if you have gray tresses. 

Consider Matching Your Hair and Skin Tone

When shopping around for the right color frame hue, think about matching it with hair and skin tone. Warm colors like amber or brown compliment fair skin tones, while tortoiseshell suits coffee-colored complexions beautifully. Rich golds and greens offer golden highlights, while black adorns bronze shades better. Whichever color you go for, it must blend seamlessly with each facial feature in order to maximize its effect!

Matching Frames with Your Eye Color 

To bring out your natural eye color and give your face that youthful glow, consider pairing the color of your frames with your eyes. For example, if you have dark brown eyes, then gold or white frames may suit you better. 


For older ladies who have striking green eyes, you want to bring out the intensity of their color with thick black frames. Women who have blue or gray eyes may want to wear brown or bronze frames to contrast with the blue hues in their irises. 


If you’re looking for specific frames that match your eye color, then you’ll find what you’re looking for from sites like Glasses USA. There are funky color frames or sophisticated dark frames that will be perfect for your eye color. 

Lens Shapes for the Size and Shape of Your Eyes

Most older women tend to go for basic rounded square lenses because they believe it’s suitable for their age. But no matter what age you are, you should choose lens shapes that suit your eye size and structure. 

Geometric shapes with sharp edges are suitable for wide-set eyes. For women who have cat eyes or long eyes, you may want to go for large rectangle shapes. Square lenses are suitable for women who have large rounded eyes.  

Avoid Bling Around Your Frames 

Some women love sparkles on their glasses. But for older women, this aesthetic may seem a bit juvenile. If you want a unique frame, then consider one that has small embellishments, like a tiny gold stud in the shape of a flower. Or choose a frame that has multiple colors or patterns. 

The same goes for chains if you need to hang your glasses around your neck. Most older women prefer thin colorful ropes as opposed to shiny chains.     

Think About Your Lifestyle Needs

Are you an athletic person looking for a sturdy yet stylish spectacle frame? Or do you simply need something low maintenance but fashionable enough for professional situations? 

The type of frame depends heavily on the activities you might engage in during leisure time, like cycling or playing ball games outdoors. In any case, lightweight plastics are ideal, while metals provide durability if needed. 

Additionally, you’ll want to choose glasses that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Whether you need sunglasses or spectacles, ensure you choose glasses that protect your eyes from UV rays and blue lights. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re an older lady, then you’ll need spectacles or sunglasses that enhance your elegance. By choosing frames that suit your hair color, skin tone, and face shape, you’ll add to your sophistication. Use the tips provided in this guide to assist you, so you always look chic in your eyewear. 


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