An air conditioning or AC unit is essential, particularly for homes situated in tropical regions such as in Southeast Asia. While there are several benefits of owning an AC unit, it also entails a big responsibility especially in terms of its maintenance. This is because a poorly maintained AC unit can cause hazardous health risks. This is the reason why it is important to ensure that your AC unit is clean and operating at its optimum capacity.

Wipe the external parts of your unit daily.

To keep up with the daily maintenance of your AC unit, the primary thing that you need to clean is its extremities. It is important to wipe your AC unit daily to inhibit the buildup of dust and particles. Cleaning will be more effective if you also spray a hydrogen peroxide solution in the intake and outflow area in front of the AC unit while it is turned off. Allow the solution to dry first before turning your AC on again. In parallel to wiping the external parts of your AC and spraying a hydrogen peroxide solution, you can also look for signs of mildew.

Regularly clean your aircon filters.

To ensure the air quality coming from your AC unit, regularly clean your aircon filter and replace them as necessary. With the AC unit turned off, carefully remove the filter for dusting or washing. Ideally, it is a good idea to rinse the filter under running water or use a vacuum if it has a significant dust buildup. In a similar manner, you can also use the same hydrogen peroxide solution to spray the filter after you have washed or vacuumed it. Ensure that the filter is dry before you put it back on to the unit because it is dangerous to run the unit with a wet filter, or worse, without a filter. Additionally, if you notice signs of wear and tear in the filter of your AC unit, it is best to have it already replaced. The filter of your AC units is prone to dirt and allergens that can cause diseases and viruses to persist in your home. With dirty air filters, the air that will flow through your AC unit will likewise be murky. Thus, it is ideal to have the filter of your AC unit cleaned monthly.

Keep your condenser coils and water pans tidy.

The condenser coils and the water pan of your AC unit are prone to mold and mildew if not maintained properly. This is because these are the parts of the AC unit which are usually damp and moist. Hence, it is ideal to have the condenser coils and the water pans of your AC unit checked and cleaned in a seasonal manner. Clean the coils using a soft bristle brush, but take extra precaution in doing so because you might bend the coil fins. You can also purchase a canister of condensed air, which you can use to spray into the fins and around the coil. The water pan can be cleaned with warm water and white vinegar solution. Make sure that everything is dry before you put the unit back together and turning it on.

Have your AC checked by the professionals.

Another notable way of ensuring that your AC unit is properly maintained and clean is by having it checked by the professionals. In tropical countries such as in Singapore, where AC units are used on a daily basis all year round, this is imperative. Coolearth Aircon in Singapore, which provides aircon servicing and repairs, also offer aircon cleaning that includes a chemical wash. The special chemical wash that they use is even effective to restore an old AC unit that has not been used for a certain period of time. Overall, an aircon chemical wash cleaning is effective in ensuring that the AC unit is working with maximum efficiency. Thereby, it is a good practice to have your unit checked by these professionals in the field to allow you to be able to use your AC unit for a longer period of time.

Give your AC unit a deep clean seasonally.

A deep clean AC cleaning on a seasonal basis is another way of ensuring the proper maintenance of your appliance. Deep cleaning may involve the need for you to take apart your AC unit before putting it back together again. Scrub each of the parts of the AC unit or spray it with a cleaning solution, but ensure that all of these are dry before you put the unit back together again.

To wrap things up, an AC unit is truly an appliance that brings forth several benefits for homeowners. Apart from maintaining a comfortable temperature level particularly, during extremely hot and humid days, it also significantly improves the air quality. Thus, it is important to ensure that you clean and maintain your AC units to be able to get the most out of it.


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