The core services that San Diego casinos are popular for, nightclubs, shows, buffets, and casinos, are the things working against the new world order of social distancing. But the San Diego Casino scene cannot be exciting anymore if it is not putting on shows days and nights.

The scene needs to come up with measures to keep the fans entertained while being safe. The good news is that the industry is coming up with ways to reopen land-based casinos soon. Find out how San Diego’s Lavish Casino Scene is planning on reopening its doors:

In addition to wearing face masks and sanitizing chips, here are three planned measures:

  1. Installing Body Temperature Kiosks 

The body temperature kiosks might be the game changer when it comes to reopening land-based casinos. There are dozens of manufacturers offering these devices and are expected to flood the gaming world in the coming months.  

These body checks, although not the same design, are already in place in some places like Macau – this gaming hub reopened with the temperature check in place. The body temperature kiosks are expected to play a crucial role by ensuring that visitors who receive a reading of at least 100.4-degree F are denied entry. 

  1. Staggering Reopening Times 

The San Diego Casino scene hosts some of the highest-capacity entertainment joints and hotels. Some places offer close to 5,000 rooms, making them one of the biggest casinos in the world.    

It is highly unlikely the entire scene is worth reopening at once, given the massive size of the resorts. That is to help control the traffic to ensure that the fragile progress made during the reopening is not overwhelmed. 

It is also expected that the initial traffic might be lower than average, especially when you consider that people have turned to online casinos. 

  1. Reopening with Fewer Seats 

The San Diego Casino scene, famous for the thrilling gaming experience, might feel and look different after reopening. You can expect fewer seats that allow for the required social distancing measure.

Advantages of Online Gaming over Local Casino Visits

Despite the practical efforts to reopen San Diego Casino scene, it might take a while before things get to normal. Punters might continue gaming online and enjoy the following benefits: 

  1. Safe Gaming During Crisis  

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, online platforms allow you to enjoy all your favorite casino games right at home. That means you do not need to wear a face mask, sanitize, or risk getting the disease.

  1. Online Casinos Are Convenient 

One benefit of gaming online is the convenience you enjoy. You might have gone to a land-based casino and got annoyed because other players were drunk or smoking. 

Online casinos give you the convenience you desire to enjoy your favorite casino games while drinking your coffee and ordering your favorite food right from home. You can also avoid constant interference from people passing near your table.  

  1. Wide Game Collection

Despite most land-based casinos being large and providing a favorable collection of casino games, they cannot match the online platform. Online casino hosts game from various developers to provide you with over 1,000 titles at any moment. 

They also ensure you get the latest games, which can take a while before they hit land-based halls. However, you need to choose the best online casino to ensure that you enjoy this benefit.

  1. Anonymous Playing 

It is possible to gamble anonymously while playing at an online casino. You can play while sitting at home, while on the go, and even when relaxing in bed. 

Online platforms also give you the freedom to choose among thousands of websites to ensure your game at a platform that meets your need. 

Final Word

Everything is not lost, and there is hope that San Diego Casino scene might reopen by June 2020 thanks to the measures put in place. If things do not go as planned, you can always enjoy your favorite game online.


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