How to Choose a Dishwasher for Your Modern Home

Choosing the right dishwasher can sometimes be difficult considering the variety of options on the market today.

Everyone has different wants and needs, so that we won’t be recommending a specific model. Instead, we’ll be guiding you through all the various aspects you need to consider when choosing the right dishwasher. 

The Looks

What’s the first thing you notice when looking at a dishwasher? How it looks. While this aspect doesn’t affect the appliance’s performance, it’s something that you’ll be looking at every single day when you walk in the kitchen.

Smart Features

Do you have Amazon Alexa or use Google Assistant? Then you might want to go all the way and get a dishwasher that can be controlled with these devices.

Fair warning, though: while smart features are convenient, they do add up to the price. Still, you’ll be able to control your appliance remotely, send remote diagnostics to the repair shop, or even download new and improved wash cycles.


How many people live inside your household, and how many dishes do you need to clean daily? This should be your primary question when looking at the basic specifications of a dishwasher.

A dishwasher’s capacity is measured in place settings. But what exactly is a place setting? Well, one place setting means that the dishwasher should be able to fit one plate, one glass, a soup bowl, a teacup, and an assortment of cutlery.

Most standard-sized dishwashers have anywhere from 10 to 14 place settings. If you have fewer people in your household, you might want to consider getting a countertop dishwasher. Those usually connect to the faucet, so you won’t need to fiddle with the plumbing or to get it inside the kitchen cabinet whatsoever.

How to Choose a Dishwasher for Your Modern Home

Wash Cycles

What types of dishes do you have? Do you have a lot of china or sensitive glassware? Or are you more often concerned about heavily-soiled pots and pans?

In this case, you’ll want to take a look at the types of wash cycles the dishwasher has. Fortunately, most dishwashers cover everything from heavy to light or eco wash. The primary deciding factor for most people is getting one with a sanitize option, as it is indispensable if you need to wash baby toys, pacifiers, and baby bottles.


Do you want a built-in dishwasher that flushes straight into one of your kitchen cabinets? Then you’ll have to decide between 18-inch and 24-inch models depending on your cabinet’s size.

Consider how much space there is between the dishwasher and the wall in front of it. You must get the door open to the max, so you’ll have an easier time loading the dishwasher.

Noise Rating

The quieter the dishwasher, the more expensive it will be. From what we can gather, the quietest dishwashers currently available are rated at 39 decibels, while the noisiest ones are rated at 60.

We have come a long way since the 70s, and now all dishwashers are relatively quiet. Sure, a 60-decibel unit will wake up your flatmates at night. But overall, it’s unlikely you’ll find a dishwasher that’s so loud it becomes unbearable.

Read Reviews

Finally, the most critical step is to check out professional as well as user reviews. It’s the best way to find out how well the dishwasher performs in the real world, not just on paper.

We’ve tried to condense all the most essential information into a digestible article. For many more details and some comprehensive reviews, check out, the same website from where we got our information about dishwasher specifications and more.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right dishwasher isn’t necessarily hard, but it can be tedious. Take your time and think wisely about what you can afford and what’s most important to you when getting an appliance that washes dishes.

Do you have other essential suggestions that we might have missed? Leave us a comment down below and share your thoughts with the rest of our community.

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