Spencer Couture, the "Surreal" Artist

"Expensive Taste" by Spencer Couture

Spencer Couture is an American urban pop artist from Boulder, Colorado. His artistic process began as a teenager influenced by the graffiti boom and street art movement of the 1980s. As a self-taught freehand graffiti artist, spray paint is his favorite medium, though he has developed an affinity for acrylic paint and splatter technique.

At the age of 19, Spencer left Colorado and traveled through Central America before settling in San Diego. Upon returning to the United States, he couldn’t help but notice America’s thirst for modern pop culture and how it consumes society. His large format style and use of vibrant colors are often accompanied by elements of intellectual social commentary. 

On Tuesday, June 7th, Spencer showcased his art (30+ paintings) to the public for the first time at the Andaz Hotel. With over 1000 RSVPs, it appears that he is helping lead the resurgence of art in the San Diego community. Spencer will be following up this show with the opening of his gallery in downtown San Diego later this year.  

Spencer takes older day and new-age popular topics and conflicts and displays them in the paintings boasting "glamour" and real-life scenarios with color. Whether he depicts his side of the story with actual images or illustrates his own, Spencer’s creativity speaks loudly to all audiences and consumers. The fine work of this local San Diego pop artist is global, and with his motivation and confidence behind his work, Spencer Couture will soon become the next Andy Warhol.

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