Top Makeup Artist Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

Sister. Mother. Makeup Artist, Blogger, YouTuber and Business owner. These are all traits to describe the amazing Huda Kattan, an influential new voice in the makeup world. Huda Kattan is known for her noteworthy Instagram and her multimillion-dollar beauty line, which is housed in millions of women’s and men’s beauty collections. Huda first introduced her makeup line in 2013, with the introduction of her false lashes. Today, Huda Beauty is sold in every Sephora and Ulta worldwide, and consumers are starting to recognize her name, but for Huda Kattan, it has been a long journey to success.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan was born and raised in Oklahoma and Tennessee by her Iraqi parents and four siblings. Huda first got into makeup when she was 14 years old and started sculpting her older sister Alya’s eyebrows. At Michigan University, while studying Finance, Huda got her first concept for her blog, which she launched in 2010. Following her time in Michigan, Kattan attended Joe Blasco, a top makeup school located in Los Angeles. In school, this young woman harnessed the artistic and business skills required to launch Huda Buety in 2013. Today she is one of the leading influencers on Instagram and Youtube. 

To Huda Kattan, building trust with her follower’s means everything. She states, "Honesty is the one policy that I promised myself I would never compromise on, so every product I review, no matter the brand or the price tag, is 100% what I believe". It is for this reason that Huda does not include any sponsored posts on her Instagram; because she is more invested in the products than the money.

Huda Beauty

Huda first started by selling eyelashes, which took the world by storm. Everyone wanted to try her amazing synthetic lashes. These lashes, unlike the previous products, had different lengths and styles, ranging from natural to bold. Huda has a great talent for knowing exactly what her customers want, often before they do. Right in the early stages of matte lipstick, Huda came out with her own line of liquid matte sets, with lip liner and a matching liquid matter lipstick. Today, her lipstick sets are coveted by every makeup artist and enthusiast in North America. 

Recently, she has introduced two different palettes, Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition and Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.

The Textured Shadows Palette, coming out in 2016, contains highly saturated mattes, with pressed pearls, and 3D metal shadows. No matter the mood or occasion, these colors can bring that brilliance to your desired look.

The Desert Dusk Palette just came out September 17th, and for months Huda has left us in suspension, hearing only the hype that other MUA’s were giving her product. This second palette, with influences from the Arabian Desert, is richly toned and filled with shimmering, iridescent colors. Whether you want a bold shine look or a subtle glow, this palette can be layered in infinite ways.

These palettes aren’t the only things that Huda has been planning recently. She just gave the word that October 13th, she will come out with her faux filter foundation line. She first came out with this surprise on Instagram, when she posted pictures from a photo shoot this past spring. The skin tones in the picture range from the deepest black, wearing "Hot Fudge", to the fairest white in "Milkshake". With this new collection, no matter your color you will be able to achieve flawless skin with Huda Beauty. 



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