The Best Drinks to Serve at a Dinner Party

If you love entertaining friends and family at your home, one of the events you may be planning is a dinner party. Having people around for a dinner party can be great fun, as you get to sit around the table and enjoy good conversation as well as being able to indulge in delicious food and drinks. When you are organizing your dinner party, one thing you need to do is make sure you find out whether your guests have any special dietary requirements so that you can cater for them – after all, you don’t want to rustle up steak dinners for everyone only to find that one of your guests is vegetarian or vegan!


Another thing you need to do is plan what sorts of drinks you will be serving up at your dinner party. If you are having quite a formal party, it is best to stick to drinks that are quite refined and fitting for the occasion. This could include a choice of fine wines and some pre-dinner cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Of course, after dinner you can serve up brandy and coffee or you can even combine the two and create a delicious liqueur coffee for your guests.


Catering for all of your guests


Your exact choice of drinks to have with dinner will depend on what you are serving up in terms of food. There are different types of wine that are perfect with certain foods, so it is best to plan your dinner menu first before you start choosing what drinks to service. In addition, it is best to get a selection of wines as some guests may prefer white whereas others may like red wine. You can even invest in some sparkly wine for those that want a little fizz and sparkle with their dinner party drinks. It is worth getting some non-alcoholic wine as well just in case you have guests that are driving or do not drink. This will enable them to also have wine with their meal without actually consuming alcohol.


When it comes to your pre-dinner cocktails, you will find plenty of great recipes that you can use online. Your guests will love being greeted with a delicious cocktail to kick off the evening and this will help them to work up an appetite for the great meal that awaits them. For the pre-dinner drinks, you can also get some premium beers and ale in for those that may not drink cocktails or spirits. Also, don’t forget about the people that are not able to drink or those that prefer not to. Get some non-alcoholic recipes together as well so that you can create cocktails for them and they do not feel left out.


You can finish off your meal with a choice of liqueur coffees or just plain coffee for non-drinkers. Don’t forget about the after-dinner mints as well, as these add an elegant final touch to your dinner party.


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