Roof Replacement Costs In Delaware

Roof Replacement Costs In Delaware

Having a roof over your head is one of the basic human needs. So, if you’re feeling that your roof is beyond repair and will start causing more damage to other parts of the house, it is better to get a roof replacement and be safe rather than sorry. 

Just like any other form of renovation, the cost of a roof replacement in Delaware can vary depending on many factors. But, it is essential to know not only the budget you can afford, but also the prices of roof replacements before you start making the changes. 

Types of roofs

When it comes to a roof, you can choose between several materials which can help you come to an estimate price depending on whether you’re installing a single roof, a flat roof, or a metal roof. It is also vital to understand that when it comes to Delaware roofing, the up-front cost of the materials are just part of the overall costs, especially for more expensive materials. This is particularly true when it comes to installing more expensive materials such as metal due to the fact that installation costs of metal roofing are a lot more costly. However, it is worth mentioning that while the initial cost is expensive, metal roofing tends to last a longer lifespan and aid in energy saving, which also helps lower the overall costs. Due to the fact that metals are shiny, they tend to reflect sunlight as well as improve the insulation properties. 

Flat roofs: 

While you might find that costs vary from one company to another, the average costs for a flat roof is $165-$275 per 100 square meters. The normal range usually lies at $220. If you find that the costs are a lot higher, it is important to find out why by researching the company and figuring out why they charge more. 

Asphalt Shingle roof:

If you’re thinking of installing an asphalt shingle roof, you’ll find that it is a tad more expensive than the flat roof, but ranges between $200-$320 for every 100 square feet. However, the cost depends on whether you decide to use the replacements by overlaying on top of the existing materials or need to replace the roof entirely. If you need to add a new underlayment, then the costs will definitely increase. 

Metal Roofs: 

Due to the expensive installation requirements mentioned above, metal roofs tend to be the most costly, but also the most energy-efficient. The average range of metal roofs varies between $950-$1250 per 100 square feet. This cost is based on the assumption that you are not completely tearing off the existing roof and that you’ll only use standing seam metal roofing tiles. 

When it comes to replacing the roof, there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost. In order to understand which one is most suitable for you, it is best to not only inspect the status of the existing overpayments and whether they need to be repaired, but also the installation expenses as well as the costs on the long-run to be able to come up with a valid decision.