Five things to do to keep the kids entertained during lockdown

As families gear up for spending a bit more time in the comfort of their own homes, many parents feel the pressure when it comes to keeping the kids happy. 

According to new research from Legal & General, 45% of parents have found keeping the kids entertained to be the hardest thing about lockdown periods. 

No ideas don't be limited to activities? Don't fret – we have plenty of thoughts on how to keep the little ones occupied during the colder months.


While our parents might often want our kids to take a step away from tech, this year has made it clear that it can help keep them productive.  

The same survey mentioned above found that 62% of parents now have a favorable view of technology and its parenting role. Tech has proved to be an invaluable tool for online learning at home this year, and you could try some different learning tactics such as virtual museum tours and exciting podcasts. Apps can also be helpful when spending more time together as a family. Create some funny family videos or make use of silly filters - now more than ever, we should try to create some positive memories, however possible.  

Winter crafting 

Crafting is a great way to keep the kids busy and get their creative minds working. The colder months bring all kinds of craft ideas to the table, such as autumn leaf printing, acorn decorating and of course, crafting for all things Christmas related. Whether it's stocking decorating, lists for Santa, or wreath making – you won't run out of preparing ideas at the most beautiful time of the year! 


'Yule' love these festive bake ideas for the kids! They're easy enough for the little ones to throw on their aprons and have a go while not likely to cause too much of a disaster to clean up afterward.

Making gingerbread people or creating colorful elf and Santa cupcakes is the perfect way to keep the kids busy and get them in the spirit of things. It's also an excellent way to spend some quality parent-and-child time with the bonus of (hopefully) creating something great to eat at the end of it all.

Outdoor games

Sure, we're all getting out for walks more, but kids can quickly become tired with the same routine. Why not try some outdoor games that they've never played before? Or get them to hunt for materials they can use in great craft projects. Keeping active is so essential for health and wellbeing during this season and getting some fresh air is a great way to mix it up a little!

Movie nights 

Movie nights are one of the main things we can look forward to right now, but why not try to make yours that little bit more special? Plan themed movie nights and made a snacks and beverages menu together for each family show. You can choose from so many genres and themes – Christmas films, everything Disney, or Marvel only, whatever you all love. The kids can pick a piece each week and have something to look forward to at the weekend! 

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