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How to Be a Charismatic Leader?


Charisma is a wonderful thing to possess. In fact, quite a few entrepreneurs are either making or have already made good use of it. What’s so great about it? Well, if you use it to your advantage, you can become an effective leader your employees will want to follow.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is no universal recipe for becoming a charismatic person. In fact, you’ll have to nurture it within you "from scratch". And for that to happen, you’ll need to gain some experience. That will require leaving your comfort zone and pushing beyond your limits (much like you do with the essays you’re required to write in university). If you succeed, you’ll give your charisma a substantial boost.


Banish Doubt

If you doubt yourself, you should put an end to it right away! How do you expect your employees to follow you if you don't believe in yourself? Become confident, and your actions will also become reasonable and meaningful for others.


Sort Things Out

Not everyone is born an effective mediator, and frequently, resolving conflicts in the workplace can be quite a challenge. You cannot afford the luxury of spending a lot of time on playing a psychologist. If your employees are unable to sort things out by themselves and you feel it can have a negative impact on the various processes within your company, you should divide them up into groups and inform them about the importance of not having quarrels in the workplace. In fact, it’s absolutely vital that you keep conflicts to a minimum.

Learn to Listen

We have two ears, but only one mouth. However, entrepreneurs often fail to pay attention to what others say, preferring to listen only to themselves. A true leader should be able to listen to others and wait until it’s their turn to speak. That shows their genuine willingness to hear different opinions and suggestions, regardless of whether they are good or bad.


Find a Balance

Power can quite literally make some entrepreneurs blind. Being modest and respectful is the number one rule for any charismatic leader. If you’re both, you won't give anybody any reason to hate you. Moreover, it can become a characteristic you will be admired for! You don't have to be rude and condescending to be a leader. Just look at Gandhi — he was able to win over people by using peaceful means! This just goes to prove that you can be a good leader without being arrogant or bossy.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We often compare ourselves to others, even though we don't really have to. We think they’re more beautiful, faster, smarter, and more creative than us. We put them on a pedestal and admire them even if there’s nothing to be envious of. Keep in mind that your employees can feel your uncertainty and your fears. Hence, you should think of yourself as a good and generous king (not to be confused with a tyrant). It will allow you to banish all negative thoughts and channel your thinking into a positive pattern. Just keep repeating to yourself, " I’m talented, intelligent, and creative!"


Use Body Language

It’s little things that matter. How you sit, talk, walk, look, and shake hands can help you become a charismatic leader, too. Watch your posture while standing in front of others. Learn the body language and how you can affect other people's perception of you with its help.


Don't Expect Others to Be Grateful

You shouldn’t expect other people to be thankful to you, nor should you demand their appreciation. You can get frustrated and end up being angry or spoiling your reputation. Banish all negative thoughts like "Oh, he didn't thank me. That’s so rude of him." You only waste your time expecting people to be grateful. If someone thanks you or gives you a present for something you did for them, you should take it in your stride. However, you shouldn’t expect others to show their gratitude to you for any help you’ve given them.


A Hell of a Look

You can give your charisma quite a boost if you have a firm handshake, white teeth, sophisticated hairstyle, nice posture, or good physical health. Your outward appearance should be a reflection of what your inner world is. You'll be surprised how people's perception of you changes when you look your best. They become more respectful, listen to you more attentively, and generally like you a lot more.


Remember - the key to being charismatic is to pay close attention to other people. Be fair, calm, confident, and open, listen attentively, and show interest in what others want to share with you.


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