Celebrity Men's Couture: Styles to Steal

Donald Glover courtesy of esquire.com

Photos used with permission

Known, loved, and followed the world over; everyone has a celebrity that they enjoy. Some people admire a celebrity for their on-screen presence but many more are also well-known for their flawless style. Below are some of the most stylish Hollywood celebrities in both formal and casual circles and how you can “borrow” their style for yourself.



A newcomer to the mainstream media but an icon of great renown in the fashion world. Tan France’s style centers around striking the eye with bold color or focusing attention on one discreet detail of his attire. This distinct flirtation with extremes without being too over the top has defined Tan France as a known name in the style game. Unlike others on this list, his style is the focal point of his image as he applies his fashion expertise to the show “Queer Eye.” Mr. France is sporting a cream-colored sports blazer with a baby blue ampersand, a white dress shirt and black well-fit jeans. Colors that complement one another and a splash of something that contrasts and catches the eye. That and a quick trip to your barber is all it takes to capture Tan France’s signature style. His self-assured presence and the indescribable volume of his hairstyle is another story.



Becoming more prominent in recent years, Donald Glover has been noted as a modern-day renaissance man. As a well-received comedian, writer, and musician/rapper; there are precious few who don’t know about his status as a style icon for a new generation. His style is bold, playing with patterns but mostly sticking with darker tones as is common with most African Americans. Even so, his color choices always enhance his look or draw attention to himself in the best ways. The thing to take away from this look is to be memorable and you’ll be fashionable. Mr. Glover stands in a canary yellow hall surrounded by timeless pieces of art in the background. Controlling the focus to his upper body with his wide-brimmed hat and the wild designs of his shirt, Glover uses the solid color of his royal blue shorts and loafer-style lace-ups to draw the eye up and down again. Though not in the accompanying image, recently he has sported facial hair which is perfect going into autumn this year.



One would think that a man whose occupation is being punched in the face wouldn’t look very nice. This couldn’t be further from the truth for Conor McGregor. The MMA fighter and former lightweight champion is known for his brutal punches, punishing insults, and unreserved style. Ever a symbol of power and status, the suits McGregor wears are just another piece of gear to intimidate his opponent and posterize his dominance over his less capable and less fashionable competition. As an MMA fighter McGregor can wear just about anything he wants without too many complaints. To stress this, he often wears custom-made suits. Quality is everything and just like Glover, McGregor’s style leaves an impact on the audience. Sporting what will henceforth be known as “The McGregor Grin,” even his casual style has a hint of his signature flash and flair.



To Americans, Colin Firth may seem to be a perfect example of the “Stereotypical English Gentleman” and that is exactly what makes him such a men’s style icon. His is a classic and timeless style, every accessory is meticulous, and the stitching of every thread is deliberate. With a storied career that speaks for itself. Looking at him is like looking back through history at an era of simplistic and stated authority that doesn’t shout at you, nor does it need to do so to garner attention and respect from those around him. This idea can work for you too, if wild color simply isn’t who you are. Wear your style, wear it confidently and your reputation will speak for you. Mr. Firth stands beside his wife, Livia Giuggioli, at the after-party for the Oscars. Sporting a classic tuxedo with silver button covers, while the Mrs. brings a note of hot pink to the pair. Classics are always classy.



From the “Classic” to the “New Classic” Chadwick Boseman is equally at home in casual street wear as well as black-tie. The famed actor is known for his portrayals as real-life African American icons such as Jackie Robinson and James Brown as well as the fictional King of Wakanda. The ever-rising star is also a symbol for men’s fashion and experiments with color and texture in his classy suits. Every bit as detailed as his fashion-savvy counterpart, he reworks the conventions of the standard gentleman and builds on them. His wider range of choices create a broader and more accessible template for more men to achieve his style. Mr. Boseman stands on the blue carpet of the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards in a polka-dotted blue Burberry suit jacket paired with all black attire from his dress shirt and pants to his shined laceless dress shoes.


More known for his zany humor and snappy comedic sense. Ryan Reynolds is well-known as a style icon to most men acquainted with fashion. A surprising inclusion, the only way to describe Reynolds style is that it is “oddly appropriate.” That he is so invested in his appearance might seem strange to those who only know him as a funny man, but fashion is a form of power. Power of presence, and if your presence is weak or stands out in the wrong way, you won’t give off or receive the response you want. That Reynolds is so aware of his appearance, may be an extension of his comedic style. He wants people to be laughing with him, not at him, and while it may not require a suit every time; Reynolds’ style is basic but attention-grabbing nonetheless. Ryan Reynolds infuriates and delights in his casual “Dad Attire,” a $1,500 jacket and $100 pants. Showcasing his devil-may-care persona by chugging milk straight from the carton whilst preparing a bowl of cereal. A perfect example of the everyman’s fashion. A few accents are all that most men can afford both in terms of cost and time in the morning. As a proud actor and a proud father, Reynolds effortlessly embodies this idea with his accessible style.

For men, fashion truly is only an accessory to attitude, not a supplement. Whether you take anything away from this list or not, understand that your personal style can always be elevated. A bit of color, an extra pattern; the smallest consideration can make your outfit pop and all it takes is an extra moment of consideration before you dress. Keep it simple and stay classy, gentleman.