Art for Barks: Animal Art

An interview with Lynn Moon, Founder of Art for Barks

Painting by Lynn Moon Still Waiting

Cris Weatherby - Still Waiting

Lynn Moon is the founder and creative mind behind Art for Barks, a unique, online animal charity focused on quality animal art, literary education, and special services to encourage great pet ownership.

Moon had always wanted to be an artist. “I’ve always been really artistic,” she says, “but I had to support myself, and so it made sense to apply my creativity in business.” She worked in the business world most her life, but she never lost that creative spark. “I could take my creativity and turn it into marketing ideas or concept business ideas,” Moon says. “I was able to satisfy my artistic soul through practical application.”


Ally Benbrook - "Last Connection"

After retirement, Moon had much more time on her hands. She decided to dedicate that time to the artistic desires that had helped her achieve success in her career. It took a lot of time and hard work. “When I went purely into art,” she says, “I was able to develop a pretty sophisticated understanding of the tremendous amount of time and effort that an artist has to put into their training.” Moon says that in order to be a good artist, “it takes thousands of hours of laborious training.”

In 2008, Moon felt she had put in enough hours to where she could consider herself proficient in her style of art: sculpture. “I was at last at a skill level myself in sculpture where I would be a decent displayer of art in a reasonably high-quality art gallery,” Moon says. “And of course, we know what happened in ’08.”


Gretta Gibney - "Where's the Fire"

With the recession hitting hard, resources for art galleries became scarce. “I felt that two thirds of the galleries would close, and I was pretty much right on that,” says Moon. But she wouldn’t give up. She started studying the economy and found a trend: “I’m very sensitive to technology and I’m very respectful of its creativity and its innovation, and so I really felt that as literary work was moving to the digital level, and music was moving to the digital level, that it seemed to me that art really needed to go into the digital area.”

Art for Barks evolved out of Moon’s love of animals, art, and technology. “I thought if we can bring them together, we can really give our art and literary work a strong audience,” she says. “We are evolving to a kinder, more sensitive humanity, that animals are very important... I could see that online, that the expression and interest in animals was very strong.”


Karla Smith - "Sentry"

As the founder of Art for Barks, Moon has little time to sculpt. “In a way it’s a tradeoff,” she says, “I have to give up my own art to help other artists, and I’m glad to do that.” Art for Barks’s mission is to mobilize animal artists and writers to inspire pet owners and families to become leaders in setting standards of pet care for the rest of society. It is a place where a love of pets and animals can blossom artistic beauty and we can admire our pets. But since it’s a charity organization, Art for Barks cannot sell any of its art. “We can’t sell the art,” Moon says. “If we could sell the art, it could support all the charity’s missions to help the animals.” 

Art for Barks relies exclusively on donations by the public to keep itself running. You can visit their donations page on their Art for Barks website, and make sure to check out their new art for service dogs contest (the first of its kind), their new off-line traveling exhibit, and their amazing artwork.


Santora - "Ubridled"

For more Art for Barks: animal art and to check out upcoming events, you can visit the Art for Barks website here.