Your wedding day will not be complete without someone taking photos of the memorable event. Wedding photographers play a crucial role in the success of the wedding and memorializing the event for the future. Thus, selecting and coordinating with your wedding photographer is one of the important items in your wedding plans and arrangements. Remember that this planning involves both of you as a couple, so it's crucial that you come to an agreement on your selected wedding photographer. In order to help couples get the best photographs of their wedding day, we’ll share some questions they should ask the wedding photographer.


Is My Wedding Date Available?

Questions about availability are crucial in order to ensure that your photography session proceeds as scheduled. Also, get to ask the person if he or she will be the one shooting the wedding or another person will be assigned to do the shooting. It is important that you get to speak with the actual photographer for your wedding when it comes to availability.

Can We See Galleries of Your Recent Wedding Photoshoots?

Checking out the photographer’s style and attention to detail is something couples should check out. Checking out the previous works of your photographer is essential, according to Maine wedding photographer Catherine J. Gross, as it gives couples an idea of the photographer’s quality of work. Also, the wedding photography portfolio can also show the couple some venues and locations which might inspire them to choose their own unique prenup photoshoot location. In addition, the portfolio can tell a lot about how the photographer works with the surroundings and how creative they are under different environments.

How Long Have You Been in the Wedding Photography Business?

Experience says a lot about the wedding photographer you will be choosing. Most of the time, experienced photographers know how to handle different aspects of the photoshoot, like which angles work best for your shots, suggesting what themes or motifs work great, or which areas of the venue have good lighting and background. Also, experienced photographers can allay your fears and hesitations of couples during the shoot by suggesting various alternatives and tips that can get the project done.

What’s Your Photography Style?

Seeing the portfolio of your photographer is enough for you to get a good idea of their work style. Asking this broad question can get your photographer to tell more about what they do to make beautiful shots. It also allows you to make follow-up questions that can give you a better idea about their style. You can ask them if they tend to take candid shots or they like to choreograph the images. This also prepares the couples on what to do during the shoot. Another connected question would be the medium used - digitally or with a film. This can be a matter of preference for couples as they can choose which medium works best. They can even choose both if they prefer.

What are the Inclusions of Your Standard Package?

This is an important question to ask before you decide to finalize things with the photographer. Always start by asking what the standard package is like. Here, you will know what is the minimum coverage and you can then make follow-up questions about other packages. Don’t be afraid to ask about the add-ons of the higher package types or ask about customizing your package to meet your preferences as a couple. Also, ask about the inclusion of engagement photos and pre-wedding events. You should also not forget to ask how many hours are covered in the available packages and how much the extra hours would cost. Photographers have varying price points and package inclusions, so it is better is you check more than one photographer so that you and your partner can compare your options.



Are Albums or Prints Included in Your Packages?

While this and other related questions about prints and albums may seem like part of the questions you can ask about the package inclusions, it can be treated as a separate and important question. After all, you and your partner are eager to know how the photos turn out and how the images will be delivered. Follow up this basic question with questions on whether prints or albums can be ordered directly from the photographer or another studio, if the photographer provides assistance in image section and album designing, ask about the what type of album they offer, how many pages or prints are included, and how long after the wedding will the images be delivered. 


You should also include questions about your rights to the images, if you will receive high-resolution digital copies or negatives, and if the images are accessible online. Lastly, ask the photographer on how the images will be delivered, especially if albums are included in the package. Ask them if they will facilitate the delivery or you will be the one to pick up the album and images from their studio. 

How Much is Your Required Deposit?

Once you and your partner have agreed that you have found the perfect photographer for your wedding, it’s time to ask important questions about payments and logistics such as this one. This should be followed by questions about when is it due, how far in advance should the photographer be booked, and when will the contract be received. You will also need to know more about the payment plans and options that your photographer can process. Ask them if they can accept payments in installations, if they have the option of online payment, and ask what is their refund or cancelation policy.


When it comes to logistics, ask the photographer if they carry backup equipment, ask if they have liability insurance and if this insurance covers the assistants as well, and ask what is their backup plan in cases where they get sick or have an emergency on your wedding day. All these questions are necessary in order to ensure that your wedding photography will proceed without a hitch and that you are paying the right people for this important job.


There are many important questions that should be considered and asked about your wedding photographer. After all, this is a very important event that you are preparing for. The memories that are meant to last a lifetime from this event should be of the best possible quality.  Having a photographer who can satisfactorily answer your questions will ensure that you will have wonderful picture-perfect memories to look forward to and will be looking back on in the future.


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