How to Have Beautiful Healthy Hair



For strong, silky, and luscious locks


Everyone has different hair—yet it’s safe to say that across the board we all want thick and healthy locks. There’s no doubt that trying to maintain healthy hair can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re a busy bee and have no time to think about how dry, frizzy, or thin your hair has become. Maintaining your hair can be a lot of work, especially since everyone’s hair is different. This means that each of us reacts differently to hair products. And everyone has different types of hair for example length, texture, thick, thin, curly, straight, etc.  However, everyone deserves some time dedicated to self-care, or should I say, self-hair. With that being said, here are some tips to improve your hair, so that you can get the luscious locks you and your scalp deserve.


1. Reduce Heat

Reducing the amount of heat you put on your hair is a great first tip on the road to healthy hair. Most styling tools like hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers emit some pretty high heat so that your hair can be shaped prettily and just the way you like it. However, using heat on the hair every day can undoubtedly lead to some consequences, like brittleness and breakage. 


2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great way to get luscious hair! Coconut oil rejuvenates the hair and fights against dryness such as lice and dandruff. Coconut oil is incredibly hydrating, and when used as a hair mask, leaves the hair shiny and soft, while also leaving the scalp exfoliated. Of course, other oils like Argan oil and Jojoba oil have pretty much the same benefits, but either oil you use, the more natural and pure, the better! Just massage the oil of your choice evenly throughout your hair, especially at the roots, and then leave the hair mask on for about two hours. Now, since you’re coating your hair in oil and massaging it into the scalp, it’s equally important to wash out the oil thoroughly while in the shower. I recommend shampooing twice to make sure the oil is out.


3. Conditioner and Shampoo

Volumizing and thickening products are products to have if you want luscious hair! These products will add more volume and body to your hair, making it more ravishing and beautiful. Thicker hair with more volume adds life and bounce to any hairstyle, and also makes the hair look more shiny and durable. Furthermore, a habit that you should get into if you want luscious hair is to leave your conditioner in your hair till the last minute of your shower. Some people skip this step, but this is a very effective way to get beautiful hair. Leaving the conditioner in your hair for a couple of minutes allows your hair to soak up the conditioner and lock all the moisture into it, leaving your hair healthy and silky!

4. Hair Mask

A hair mask is a high power hair conditioner. They are similar to a conditioner but they are more intense and powerful. A hair mask should be worn anywhere between 5 minutes and overnight. Our favorites are the Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask. Leaving your hair strong, healthy, and beautiful. Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask // $5.47

Expertly developed with patented Hair-Identical Keratin technology, Gliss® Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask dramatically repairs in only one minute. Regardless of the source of damage, Gliss® Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask allows your best hair to shine.


5. Brush Your Hair

The simplest and cheapest tip of all is to take time out of your day and brush your hair. I’m not talking about two long brushes down each side of your head, but taking the time to brush thoroughly from the bottom, down the mid-section, and finally starting from the roots. Brushing your hair is super important just because it detangles your hair, which prevents breakage. It also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, and also brings down the natural oils from your roots down to the other strands of your hair, thus feeding your hair more moisture. It’s also essential to brush your hair so that your loose or dead hair strands fall out, making room for newer and fresher hair strands to grow.


6. Trimming Your Hair

Trimming your hair is essential for healthy hair since doing so allows new and healthy strands of hair to grow. When giving your hair a trim, it eliminates split ends, which is usually the starting point of hair damage. Regular trims also make your hair feel and look better because cutting off split ends leave your hair with less breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and more beautiful.

By: Dannica Ramirez