How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona In 2022

If you plan to become a real estate agent, it would be helpful to know about the entire process. A career as a real estate agent is one of the most lucrative and successful professional paths that an individual can take.

The rules and regulations differ for each state, and in this article, we will focus on the requirements and the process of obtaining an Arizona real estate license.

Arizona Real Estate License Steps

1. Arizona Department Of Real Estate License Requirements

The standard requirements for determining your eligibility to apply for a real estate license in Arizona are relatively simple. The applicant needs to be at least 18 years of age. The candidate should prove a lawful presence or a legal resident in the United States and have either a high school diploma or a General Educational Development Test certificate (GED).

2. Undergo The Pre License Education

If you fulfill the basic requirements outlined above, the next step is to enroll in a real estate school to undergo the mandatory state-required 90 hours of pre-licensing education course. Make sure the school is accredited or has recognition by checking the Arizona real estate department website.

Today, you can undergo this 90 hours real estate course either in the online or in-person classroom format. Opt for a class that fits your schedule and helps you balance the learning with other aspects of your life. The course will teach you about all the national and state-specific rules and regulations you need to follow as a real estate agent. You will also be provided with the resources to prepare for the actual licensing exam.

3. Attempt The Pre-License Exam

After you have completed your 90 hours of training, you need to appear for the pre-licensing education certificate exam at your real estate school. This is a sort of final exam which you need to clear to be eligible for the actual real estate license exam.

This exam certificate is proof that you have completed the required hours of real estate education and are also ready to take the actual test, which Pearson Vue administers.

4. Gather All The Required Documents

Once you have completed all of your real estate school requirements, you need to start putting together all of the documents that you need to apply for the license. The following are the primary documents that you would need:

5. The Fingerprint Clearance Card

The Arizona Department of Public Safety issues a fingerprint clearance card (FCC). It may take around eight or even up to ten weeks for the FCC to be published. You can obtain the application packet either from the department of public safety or from the real estate schools.

6. The Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form (LI-214/244)

This form is regarding the background of the applicant. The position of a real estate agent comes with a high degree of trust. Therefore information about the applicant's experience is a mandatory component for obtaining a real estate license.

The candidate has to provide details like the date of birth, Social Security Number, and disclosures about any criminal convictions in this form. This is compulsory for all applicants. Licenses will not be issued to anyone convicted of a felony. Further details can be found about this on the disciplinary actions disclosure form.

7. The Disclosure Document Checklist (LI-400)

For applicants disclosing any past negative civil judgment or criminal conviction, which they believe should not bar them from obtaining a license, additional information and documents need to be provided to the department of public safety. The disclosure document checklist has all of the necessary details regarding this aspect.

8. Clear The Arizona Real Estate License Examination

You would need to schedule your Arizona real estate license examination through the Pearson Vue portal, the exam administrators. This exam would take about three hours to complete. It is in the format of multiple-choice questions and has around 100 questions.

These questions cover both the national and Arizona real estate-specific real estate laws, regulations, and procedures. The passing score is 75% or more.

9. Clear The Contract Writing Course

The final step before you submit your application for your real estate license is to attend classes for contract writing. This contract writing course is an additional 6 hours of classes. This focuses on familiarizing the applicants on negotiating and finalizing contracts that work in favor of their real estate clients.

Upon completing the contract writing course, you will be issued a certificate for the same. This is a compulsory component for obtaining your real estate license.

10. Submit Your Application For Obtaining An Arizona Real Estate License

Once you have finished all the required formalities, you can go ahead and apply for your Arizona real estate license. The validity of your examination score is only for a year from the date you have appeared for the exam. This is why we suggest completing all the formalities first and then appearing for the test.

In your application for the real estate license, make sure to include all of the following documents listed below. Suppose any document is found to be missing or has incomplete/inaccurate information. In that case, your application could be rejected, so use this as a checklist to make sure you include the following documents and forms:

• The original license application form and fee receipt

• The original Arizona real estate exam score report issued by Pearson Vue

• The pre-licensure education certificate from your approved real estate school

• The document of proof of legal presence

• The completed Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form (LI-214/244)

• The department of public safety issued Arizona fingerprint clearance card (FCC)

• The contract writing course completion certificate

• The completed Disclosure Document Checklist Form (LI-400)

11. Find A Broker To Work For

Finally, it would be best if you found a good brokerage. It is compulsory in Arizona to work with a licensed broker. Find a broker who can mentor you and provide you with further learning opportunities. The designated broker must approve that you have been hired before starting your real estate work as a licensed agent.


Although the process may seem a bit long, the fact that the career path to becoming a licensed real estate agent has one of the lowest educational and cost barriers and, at the same time, provides one of the most lucrative earning opportunities. So, if you plan to become a licensed real estate agent in Arizona, follow the above steps to begin your dream career.

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