Want to be a chartbuster? If so, only uploading your videos on YouTube won’t help. Read what we've got to say to get your channel into the spotlight. If you are a regular YouTuber and need to know why you need intro videos for your YouTube Channel, read on to find the answer. 


First, you ought to understand why you need an intro for your channel. The word ‘intro’ simply means a shorter version of ‘introduction’ and signifies giving a brief idea of what is to follow. When you place a professional intro before your video, it creates a branded image of your channel in the eyes of your viewers. It gives them a better understanding of what you have to offer and sparks their curiosity.


To get you on the right track, we can list endless ways on how to make your channel a chartbuster with amazing intro video ideas. However, for now, let's limit this to the ‘Six-Pack Abs’ regime to make your channel the fittest.


Here are the six-pack abs for your perfectly shaped intro - 


1. Who are you? 


It is good to introduce yourself to new viewers on your channel every time you make a new video. You can quickly introduce yourself, and ask viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications.


2. Branding


It is essential to create a brand for your channel. For this, you can create a logo. A logo is a symbol or a crisp image that remains in the minds of viewers and brings them back to your channel. It also makes your content look authentic. You can play with bright colors, fonts, and styles to portray your logo and make it memorable. But, remember, once you have decided on a logo, it will stick to your brand. You can’t keep changing it every now and then. So, choose wisely. 


3. Photographic Memory 


Snap it up in one shot! You can make a video with pictures of your work and add a dash of the right tunes in the background. A subtle background and good lighting will increase the charm of your video or you can directly try readily available promo video templates. Viewers are looking for a quick glimpse of what your video is all about. You have to capture their attention by making your intro interesting to avoid blandness and boredom. 


4. Social Medley 


In your intro, you can reveal ways your viewers can connect with you. You can make a video by taking snapshots of your social media accounts. It may be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other medium through which you can connect to your audience. Another benefit of doing so is that it will broaden your subscriber base on YouTube. Furthermore, it will get you unique and loyal followers on your other social media channels.   


5. Demo


You can arrange for free demo sessions offline in the intro video to reach your target audience. Also, you can give away freebies that attract customers. For example, a make-up artist or a hairstylist can announce a free makeover session at XYZ mall. This will allow more customers to engage with your brand. Also,  it will also make you feel like a celebrity. 


6. Grass Root Strategy


In this approach, the audience feels that the product and services perfectly match their requirements and profile. For example, if you are promoting fairness cream, you should make sure that the model who is introducing the product has a girl next door look. Thus, the target audience instantly connects with your product. Your content needs to boost the audience’s confidence, maintaining a balance between reality and their dreams. An intro video can help them with this. 


Meanwhile, you also need to understand that you cannot do everything on your own. You are already making the content for your channel, editing it, reframing it and then publishing it. It is a lot to do. So, why take the headache of creating an intro video as well? You can simply go to a video editing website and choose a YouTube movie maker to do it for you. Use customizable templates, selecting the one which suits your business strategy best.  


Here are some video maker websites wherein you can find a YouTube intro creator:


  • InVideo

  • Videobolt

  • Adobe Spark

  • Renderforest

  • IntroCave


So, the next time you make a YouTube video, make sure to ‘intro it’ with the best video editing software!


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