Studies Show Appearances Matter in the Long Run

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Although we don’t often admit it, we all judge each other based on appearances. You can keep saying that you don't care how others see you, but the truth is we often spend hours getting ready because we want people to see us a certain way. We spend money on clothes, hair, accessories and makeup that make us happy, but also to impress others. 

Your appearance creates the first impression you have on people. Humans are flawed. While we have always been told to not judge a book by its cover, we do it anyway. This has its faults in everyday society. 

Believe it or not, studies have shown that your appearance can affect how you are paid at your job. For example, a study by Timothy Judge in 2004 at the University of Florida revealed that tall people are often paid more. The explanation for this, in Judge's opinion, could be that taller people have better self-esteem than shorter people. This makes people look at tall people as leaders or authority figures. Which of course means they probably climb up the work ladder more quickly and, as a result, get paid more.

Unfortunately, height isn’t something you can change. But there is another study that argues women who wear makeup make more money. This study, published in the American Economic Review, showed that women who wear makeup will most likely make 30% more money than women who don't wear makeup. This could be because companies look for professionalism, and women who wear makeup just look more professional.

Another cosmetic issue that can make it hard to get a job? Tattoos. When you get a tattoo, people will either love it or hate it. Tattoos also come with the inevitable questions: "What are you going to do when you get older?" and "Can you get a job with that on you?" Aaron Gouveia of conducted a survey of 2,700 people, where 76% of them stated that they felt that having tattoos or piercings can hurt a person's chance of being hired. After seeing the age range in the survey, Gouveia found that the younger generation is more accepting of tattoos, while older people are less tolerant. The survey showed that 63% of people ages 60 and older found tattoos and piercings unacceptable at work, while only 22% of people ages 18 to 25 found them unacceptable. Why is this? Well, it's been proven that the more educated you are, the less likely you are to have tattoos or piercings. But is this because we are told at an early age that if we want a good job, we have to be squeaky clean? 

We are not only judged by our appearances when applying for a job or at the workplace, but in everyday activities. You can test this out yourself by going somewhere, like a grocery store or the mall, dressed down with no makeup, then go back dressed up with makeup, and just see how different the experience is. Not only that, but when you are dressed or dolled up, you just feel better about yourself, and that shows on the outside. 

Think of it this way: For a first date, you wouldn’t meet someone wearing sweatpants or unbrushed hair. You know to put yourself together and to try to look your best. This isn’t because you have to look beautiful in order to be accepted, it’s because you are showing that you care about your appearance. It’s just your little way of showing that you are actually a normally functioning human in society. 

If you want to go the makeup route, but not full glam, try a natural look. With natural makeup, you are just accentuating what you already have and hiding little flaws that might be bothersome. Invest in a good concealer, especially if you are prone to acne, scarring and dark under eye circles. Many women don’t need foundation, but it serves as a great base for your natural makeup. If you feel foundation is too heavy, go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that serves the same purpose, just with less coverage. Aim for a neutral blush and a lengthening or volumizing mascara. That’s is pretty much all you need for a natural makeup look, and there are tons of products out there to help you achieve it.

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