Exhibition ‘Seeing Is Believing’ Brings Local Artists to Spotlight

‘Seeing Is Believing’ Exhibition Open for Public at Sparks Gallery

A painting from the exhibition

Used with permission

Sparks Gallery on Sixth Avenue is a beautiful and cozy place where paintings and photography enjoy the perfect lighting, where brick wall complements all the exhibited pieces, and where silence allows you to fully focus on what you’re looking at and what you’re seeing. For the start of 2018, the gallery prepared a group show of 21 Southern California artists with different forms of expression, from photography and illustration to sculptures and paintings. The exhibition is called “Seeing Is Believing” in which the thoughts and emotions of all the artists are gathered in a catalog with different forms of expression.

Sparks Gallery invites you to take a trip to “Seeing Is Believing” and FINE magazine is revealing a glimpse of what you will find at the exhibition.

One artist worth more than mere recognition is Alexander Arshansky. Alexander is a Russian-born and self-thought artist with a scientific and technical background. With that extraordinary combination, Arshansky developed a style of his own with elements of Cubism and Biomorphic Abstraction. His colorful painting under the name “Life of Pi” is an example of the story-telling his artwork offers. Experts say that if you spend enough time examining and observing the details, you’ll be able to understand the complexity and depth of Arshansky’s powerful expression. Alexander Arshansky made over 850 paintings in the last seven years and many of them required hours of layering and detailing to finish an interpretation of Arshansky’s world where art and science dance together.


Eric Wixon is the creator of “Fumus,” the painting where the artist plays his own game with numerous faces combined in one big piece of mosaic. Wixon is a San Diegan who has his artwork on display at many different locations, including William D. Cannon Gallery and Oceanside Museum of Art, and his murals can be found in New Zealand, Portland, Colorado, and San Diego.

Gloria Muriel with her gorgeous “I Am Beauty” painting is one example of her dominant inspiration for creating images of girls with big eyes, birds, or trees and flowers with faces. Gloria is also known for her public murals and urban art installations. Muriel’s paintings are primarily acrylics and her compositions use many colors in the brightest of their shades often in a combination with a dense background.

Michele Benzamin–Miki–is the artist behind the wonderful art of “Momentum”–a black and white piece made with energetic strokes using large brushes and then coming back to finish layering and detail drawing with a pencil. Benzamin claims much of her work comes from her dreams and that her art is the intersection between East and West, her Japanese and American heritage, and also between Realism and Abstraction.

The amazing “Seeing Is Believing” group artwork show will be open to the public until April 8th at Sparks Gallery on Sixth Avenue. Find a time to stop by and get reminded of how seeing is not always believing, but allow yourself to believe this exhibition is worth seeing–and supporting.