Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dining Table For Your Home

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash


One of the most important purchases for your home is a dining table simply because it is among the house’s furniture that serves multiple purposes.


Primarily, it is used for get-togethers and meals. Other times, it serves as a station for business, homework, crafts and many other productive activities. It is indeed a very functional and versatile piece of home furniture.


Hence, in purchasing a dining table, quality and durability are one of the most important factors to consider. Nonetheless, aesthetics is also very important since the dining table is also the focal point of your home.


There are a lot of things to take note of before purchasing a dining table. In this article, we will be listing down factors you should consider to help you decide which dining table would be perfect for your home.



One thing that you should always remember is that your dining table should fit your dining area. Hence, you need to take into account the space that it will occupy.


Your dining table should be large enough to fit an ideal number of people, and small enough to allow you to move through the spaces surrounding it without difficulty. It should let you get up, sit down, walk around, and eat comfortably without touching elbows. In other words, it should fit the scale and layout of the room.



In choosing the shape, take into consideration the way your dining room is shaped. If you have a square-shaped place, the most suitable form would be a round table. If you have a tight rectangular room, perhaps, an oval-shaped dining table would be a more appropriate choice.


Take also the benefits that come with the shapes of your dining table. For instance, a round or oval table can be a lot easier to move around. They fit better in tight spaces because they have no edges. Round or oval tables are also less authoritative and highly recommended for social gatherings since there is no particular seat designated for the head of the table.


On the other hand, rectangular and square-shaped tables are more expandable. It provides more traffic. In the case of rectangular tables, it sets a better ambience for family meetings and for important dinners, which necessitates the presence of a household head. For square tables, it invites a more intimate dining experience because of the short-range of spaces between the people seated.



The style is more or less contingent on the theme and layout of the room and its intended use. For instance, if your dining table also serves as an annex to your kitchen, you will likely need a more casual style with higher surface durability. One that does not easily leave a mark or one that will show damages the least.


However, if you are looking for a table to fit a formal dining area, which you use rarely or only for special occasions, you may opt for tables with more intricate details and an elegant finish.


Naturally, your taste and preferences will likely dictate what your table will look like.



In purchasing a dining table, you have the option to choose either a wooden, glass or metal table, among others. There are numerous options for the type of material you would want to use for your table primarily. Ultimately, the material will depend on the use, style, and price you have set for your dining table.


A metal table inevitably refers to tables with sturdier bases and support. It is durable and not easily damaged. Arguably, they are also more affordable. However, it is rare to find an all-metal dining table. Nonetheless, there are lots of tables that use metal for its bases, with the tops made up of different materials.


On the other hand, a glass table is prettier and looks more classy, but it quickly gets chips, cracks and scratches and may not be fixed when broken.


Meanwhile, a wooden table may have classy and less casual types, and may also appear to be more durable and easy to repair, but some wooden tables fit only rustic-themed dining areas. Hence, harder to fit in already decorated spaces.


It is up to you to weigh between its usefulness, style, and affordability to determine which type of material will suit your dining table needs.



Given all that, it is essential to remember that a proper dining table must be sturdy and must have a flawless finish. Since dining tables are, in a way investments in a home, it is necessary that they also are high quality, appealing and functional.


You do not want a table that will make your room appear smaller and tighter or a table that looks unattractive. You want one that is durable, attractive and perfectly fits your dining area in all aspects. Hence, when purchasing a dining table, remind yourself to take a look into the above factors to avoid having regrets and incurring losses.