Next Generation Materials: The Future of Sustainable Skincare

Our skincare routine, just like taking a bath, is vital to our health. Not only does it keep our skin healthy, but it also boosts our self-esteem. But unless your routine is sustainable, then it’s probably destroying the environment. 

Fortunately, the future of sustainable skincare is here! They are readily available on the market, too. So, forget about your old skincare routine by replacing them with these eco-friendly products.

1.  Organic Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are an essential part of your skincare routine. They are easily absorbent and soft, which helps you conveniently apply wet products to your face. They also help you remove makeup faster and more efficiently. 

But did you know that cotton rounds are significant environmental pollutants? When farmers grow them, they use gallons of water to keep you hydrated for months. They also use pesticides that pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink. And these are long-lasting chemicals that are transferred to your skin when you use these cotton pads.

Fortunately, many sustainable brands such as LastObject, OKO creations, and TruEarth offer alternatives like reusable makeup pads. As the name suggests, these are reusable cotton rounds made from organic cotton, which is more sustainable to grow, unlike the regular ones.

They are also great for your skin! To use these, treat them the way you would treat regular cotton pads. But instead of throwing them afterward, all you need to do is wash them. And they will be good as new!

2.  Organic Wet Wipes 

If you use cotton, then you probably use wet wipes, too!

Wet wipes are very convenient, especially when you are always on the go. These help you remove makeup, freshen up, and more. Just grab a piece of wet wipe, wipe it on your skin, and then toss it in the bin.

Sadly, this product is just as wrong as plastic. It harms our wastewater systems by causing sewer blockages. It also ends up in the ocean, risking the lives of sea animals. And you can expect it to stay in the environment beyond your lifetime because it takes 100 years to decompose!

Instead of using wet wipes for your skincare routine, use reusable organic wipes instead. These are not the only kind to the planet, but they are also more efficient than regular wet wipes.

Once you have used them, clean them with warm water, and they are good as new for your following skincare routine. 

3.  Sustainable Sheet Masks 

Sheet masks are another essential part of anyone’s skincare routine. These hydrates our skin, brighten up our complexion, treat acne, and a whole lot more. However, these are also dangerous to our dear planet.

Sheet masks are single-use products individually wrapped in plastic packaging. These are considered among the most wasteful skincare products. These take only a few minutes to use but take hundreds of years to degrade!

Fortunately, you do not have to say goodbye to this skincare habit. You can replace them with sustainable sheet masks instead. These are often made with eco-friendly materials and are compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable. Even better, they contain great skin ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, depending on the type of sheet mask you use.

Place it on your face for a few minutes and enjoy the benefits without the guilt. 

4.  Natural Moisturizers

Moisturizers are a non-negotiable part of our skincare routine. They protect the skin from drying, irritation, and more. They also reduce the possibility of developing skin problems, which are inconvenient and expensive to treat. However, the moisturizing products we have all grown to love may not be great for the environment after all.

Many moisturizers contain siloxanes, which come from the silicone family. These can make the skin smooth and supple. But once they end up in the drain whenever we wash our hands or take a bath, they end up in the ocean and slowly kill harmless sea creatures. 

Even worse, they make their way into our food chain!

Put an end to this by replacing your usual moisturizers with products made of natural ingredients. These are often vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and preservative-free. They also come in sustainable packages that you can reuse afterward. Most importantly, they do wonders to your skin! 

5.  Organic Makeup Removers

There are plenty of makeup remover products on the market. Many of them claim to have skin benefits, aside from helping remove traces of makeup on your face. However, most of them contain ingredients that harm your skin and the environment in the long run. 

But all is not lost! There is now plenty of organic makeup removers available on the market. These help you remove your makeup just as easily and nourish your skin in the process. They are also made of ingredients that are neither harmful to your skin nor the world we live in.

Seriously, removing makeup has never been this satisfying.

There are more sustainable products you can use for your skincare routine. These are just some of the basics to help you get started. Once you incorporate them into your daily routine, you can start replacing the rest of your usual products with eco-friendly ones.

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