Let’s face it: Travelling has become hectic and stressful. 


With travel, we seek to escape the toiling and mind-numbing work shifts. But, considering the lengthy itinerary, we all are under mounting pressure to cover all the famous spots of the destination we are travelling to. Especially, if we are the "explorer" kind! 


Amidst this, we don’t even realize when our stress-free, relaxing vacation turned into some kind of race that we got to finish! 


That being said, we have mentioned below some of the most useful tips to ensure you a peaceful and most importantly, relaxing vacation. Provided, you abide by it! (wink, wink!) 


  • Sideline the pressure to see EVERYTHING


As mentioned above, most of you travellers today are keen to visit every location of the destination. You do not want anything to remain unticked in your checklist! 


While this is obviously fun and conducive, you must not forget that your vacation is not about visiting every place but about relaxation. You need to make peace with the fact that the holiday is more about de-stressing yourself rather than pushing your limits. It is the best time to soak in the culture of the foreign land and learn more about its history and people. 


Just take the pressure off your minds, and that’s it. 


  • Reading = Relaxing


Are you one of those who prepare a list of books to read but struggle to find time for it? 


Well, your chance has come then. 


In every vacation, make it a point to free some time whether it be morning or night (whatever works for you) and read your favourite book. 


By its nature, reading is a slow and effective process and requires you to concentrate fully. 


And, all the book lovers out there already know how effective and rewarding reading is for your mental health. Others know it now! 


So, don’t feel embarrassed to carry your books along! 


  • Don’t forego your ‘ME-TIME’


While it is vital to have a brief little chat with yourself and look upon the happenings of the past and the present on a regular basis, most of us aren’t able to spare time for that. Thanks to the long, stretched work hours and responsibilities that come along with it! 


But, when on a vacation, make sure you don’t let go of this opportunity! 


It is not only healthy and mentally motivating but also charges you up from within. 


For the same, you can either look for something natural to captivate your imagination like lay on the beachside, doing nothing. 


Another option?


Admiring the spell-binding mountain view from your window sipping hot tea/coffee. 


  • Try something new, no matter the destination


Every vacation you go on, the destination has something meaningful and purposeful to offer. 


But, you get the opportunity to go up close with it only when you step out of your comfort zone and experience NEW things. 


For instance, if you are on a vacation to the Bahamas or Bali, make it a point to go Snorkelling or Scuba Diving in the cool blue ocean water and witness the exquisite marine life. Even if you are a novice swimmer! 


When in a mountainous region, wear your tactical polo shirts, slide into your hiking boots, grab your gear and set off on the trail that entices you.  


The mental satisfaction, adrenaline rush, inner peace, and confidence that is experienced post it, speak volumes. And, this feeling weighs more than anything in the world, trust us! 


Final Word


Destination indeed plays a role too when we talk about a relaxing and stress-free experience. But, in the end, it is in YOUR hands to de-stress yourself. 


Follow our tips and you will not fail, be it any destination. 


Happy Holidays! 


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