Reasons Why Going Solar Is a Smart Idea

Solar power is the latest trend in energy efficiency and green movements. Solar panels obtain energy from sunlight and turn it into usable electricity that powers houses and buildings worldwide, saving people a lot of money on electricity bills. Solar power also increases the value of the properties in which they are installed. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, get ready to learn all about solar power and how it helps the environment and reduces utility bills for those who choose to switch to a cleaner energy source. This article will highlight the most important reasons for switching to solar power and explain why it's a smarter and better option.

Solar Power Is Better for the Environment

Going solar decreases your carbon footprint, which has a detrimental impact on the environment. Solar panels produce emissions-free electricity, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When people use solar energy to power their homes, the demand for unsustainable resources is reduced. Consequently, utility plants produce less carbon trying to meet other non-solar users' electrical needs. The problem with the traditional electricity generation methods is that most of them still rely on non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and fossil fuels.

Solar power, on the other hand, emits no gases that can harm the environment. Moreover, it requires no resources, except for clean water, preserving and protecting the Earth's resources. In short, solar power is a green energy source that is safe and easy to install and maintain for a very long time. 

Reducing Utility Bills

On average, your monthly utility bills will cost you around $1200 a year, and that number will likely increase every year. Even if it's for backup, installing solar panels will significantly reduce your electricity bills if you rely entirely on solar power to run your property. Solar power can save you money. Depending on how much energy is produced by your system and how much of that is consumed by you. It will save you even more money in the long run, seeing as electricity rates are probably going to keep increasing. So, the longer you use solar panels, the more money you will save throughout the 25 years of the solar panels' lifespan.

Improving Grid Security

The UK is an excellent example of reliable electrical grids; every solar-powered house serves as a small power plant during electricity outages. With more households switching to solar power, there are fewer chances of undergoing a city-wide blackout. In that sense, solar power improves our electrical grid security, making it the most reliable form of energy during natural disasters or human-caused catastrophes.

Increasing Property Value

Having solar panels installed in your property increases its value by around 4%, compared to similar properties in the same area that don't run on solar power. This is only the case if you own the solar system, though. Installing solar panels through a lease or PPA is considered renting, and therefore, the system can not be included in your home's value. A PV system costs around $4 per each watt of solar capacity. Based on the numbers, a solar PV system with a standard of 6 kilowatts can increase your home's sale value by around $24000.

Reducing Electricity Loss

Power cuts happen when electricity fails to transport from remote power plants to non-solar energy consumers. This happens through long-distance electricity transmission via large-scale networks, which are not always secure. That explains why power cuts are widespread during storms and natural disasters. Solar panels are installed on rooftops, which shortens the distance that energy transmissions will have to travel, making solar power more efficient and reliable. 

When you install a solar system, you produce your energy and better control your consumption and bills. Additionally, since solar power is more reliable due to the facilitated energy transmission, it is unlikely fewer that you would experience power cuts with a solar system installed. This is how solar power reduces energy or electricity loss and provides an uninterrupted flow of power at a much lower rate.

If solar power's efficiency and sustainability haven't already convinced you to make the switch, we are sure the economic benefits will. By installing a solar system, you will protect the environment and save money at the same time. Electricity rates are increasing and will continue to improve on an annual basis, but having your energy-generating system will save you these costs and reduce your utility bills the more you use your system. 

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