12 Types of Funny Insurance Policies You Never Knew Existed

Types of Funny Insurance Policies You Never Knew Existed


Who knew you could insure yourself against alien abduction? Learn more about a few more funny insurance policies that may or may not come in handy one day!


If you're looking for a laugh have you checked out the crazy insurance policies that you can take out today? We have found some insurance policies that can be useful but also give you a good laugh at the same time. To see what funny insurance policies made our list keep reading below. 

1. Sinkhole Insurance

Sinkholes are a pesky thing that can happen to anyone anywhere. Sinkholes are portions of land that are hollowed-out that can collapse. When this land collapses it can devour homes, cars, and any other valuables you have sitting on the land.

The best way to protect against sinkholes is to get sinkhole insurance. Sinkhole insurance will cover the damage to your items and your home or business as well. If anything that falls under this wide umbrella is destroyed in a sinkhole, you will be compensated. 

2. Alien Abduction Insurance

There are a lot of people in the world that believe in aliens and fear them. One of the best ways to give these people peace of mind is for them to take out alien abduction insurance.

A company in London provides this insurance plan and has sold a decent amount throughout Europe. The catch to this insurance is once you're abducted you must provide the proof of being within an alien vicinity such as a spaceship or another planet. 

3. Taste Bud Insurance

One of the strangest insurance policies is the one that will cover your taste buds. If you're in the food world such as a chef or critic you may look into insuring your taste buds since they are very important to your daily job. 

4. Mustache and Facial Hair Insurance

If you are interested in insuring your award-winning mustache, the good news is that you can. There are insurance policies for facial hair that those who win contests or even actors can take out for their trademark look. An Australian cricket player, Merv Hughes, insured his facial hair for $3,700,000. 

5. Body Part Insurance

Do you have a specific area of your body that you think is out of this world? Maybe you're an actor that has a trademark smile. Well, if there is something on your body that's very important you can get it insured.

Julia Roberts insured her smile for somewhere around $30 million. Even those who make a living playing sports take body insurance out on their bodies since it's that important to their job. 

6. Valentine's Day Insurance

If you fear spending Valentine's Day alone or feel as if you shouldn't have to spend the romantic holiday by yourself you can opt to get Valentine's insurance. A company in Japan created this insurance policy so no one will feel alone on the day of love.

Women will bring you chocolates once a year so help you feel appreciated and loved on the holiday. You will even receive a little note in a package mailed to your house from your secret admirer. 

7. Wedding Insurance

If you have a gut feeling that your partner will leave you at the altar after spending thousands on your wedding, it may be a good idea to take out some wedding insurance. If your wedding is canceled for any reason this insurance plan will help to ensure that all the money you put into the big day isn't a full loss.

8. Pet Care Insurance

Having a pet is a great thing until they get sick and you're stuck with a large pet bill. Investing in pet insurance will help to cover the costs of vet visits by having you pay bit by bit monthly. The best part is that pet insurance will also cover any third liability.

9. Kidnapping Insurance

Are you concerned that in the event you're kidnapped that your family won't be able to get the ransom money needed to save your head? If so, then kidnapping insurance is the thing you need.

Kidnapping insurance will cover things such as loss of income while being detained, the ransom payment, medical care required after the kidnapping, travel, and accommodation on your way home, and rehabilitation costs. Of course, your monthly payment will vary depending on if there's a big price for your head. 

10. Bail Bond Insurance

If you know someone that has the habit of getting into trouble pretty often, especially if they travel, then you should invest in bail bond insurance. This insurance policy will pay for bail if the person insured is arrested or detained by a foreign country's judicial authority. 

11. Multiple Birth Insurance

Parents that are expecting usually know how many babies they are going to have before going into the delivery room thanks to modern technology. But, if you don't trust it you can take out multiple birth insurance to help you financially when an unexpected head joins the family. 

12. Bed Bug Insurance

Those who rent or even buy older homes may be exposed to the nasty pests known as bed bugs. Since bed bugs are hard and expensive to get rid of, investing in bed bug insurance will most likely pay off in no time.

This policy will help cover the extermination costs. It will even help you fit the bill of a new mattress so you can be 100 percent bed bug-free. 

Now You Know of Some Funny Insurance Policies

We have given you a list of the top 11 funny insurance policies that you can take out right now. From protecting yourself from alien abduction to making sure your wedding day isn't a total loss if the bride or groom gets cold feet, you're sure to find an insurance policy that is useful while making you laugh. For more lifestyle tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.