Create the Holiday That You Want to Have

Create the Holiday That You Want to Have

Dr. Margo Aura Emami

Once again it is the holiday season. This time of year conjures a wide array of emotions. The excitement of decorating, parties, festive activities, and celebration evokes feelings of happiness and joy. The reality of planning, travel, overscheduling, shopping, and navigating family gatherings, however, can lead to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Our desire to create the perfect holiday experience can sabotage the joy and meaning that we are ultimately looking to achieve.

One of the questions that I often ask my patients is if they are living the life that they want to live, and if not, why? There are many complicated and individual answers to this question. As the holiday season can elicit profound effects on health and overall well being, I suggest that you create the holiday that you want to have rather than the holiday that you think you should have. Release the expectations of the perfect holiday experience, and focus on what is personally meaningful.

What activities and traditions would bring you joy and peace? That is not only the best gift that you can give yourself, but it is also a beautiful gift to pass on to children. It lifts external pressures and allows for true enjoyment.

As everyone’s values, background, cultures, and family life are vastly different, this is a very personalized approach. Years ago, I was debating on a gift for my father. I asked my mother for suggestions. She proposed a high-end pen. This did not resonate with me, even though I wanted to give my father something that he desired. A dear mentor of mine advised that I give a gift that I wanted to give rather than something that felt insignificant to me, as no matter how that gift was received, I would feel good that it was consistent with my values. I heeded her wisdom, and gave my father an album of our times together. This resulted in a moving experience that was important to both of us.

As you consider what is meaningful to you, understand that not all members of your family may have the same thoughts and feelings. That is perfectly normal. The idea is to explore what is deeply joyful to you, rather than being a conduit to external pressures. It also opens the door to honest conversations among family members, and modeling the behavior that we really want to pass onto our children.

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Tips for Holiday Well Being

*    Take some quiet time to envision what is a personally meaningful holiday experience, and let that be your guide.

*    Focus on being present with family rather than just engaging in non-stop activities.

*    Give yourself permission for downtime. Avoid over-scheduling. Remember, it’s
okay to say “no.”

*    Adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise are important as they ensure overall well-being and the ability to handle life’s stressors.