San Diego Saturdays at the Beach!

Explore 5 Beaches on Your Next Saturday

Silver Strand State Beach

Photo by Coronado Island Visitor Guide

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Summer’s here, and we know you’re dying to find the best spots to cool down on your weekends. With San Diego’s abundant beaches to choose from, you can spend your Saturday enjoying the refreshing water and fun activities of each beach. Enjoy the unique features of some of San Diego's hottest beaches

Silver Strand State Beach 

Named after the numerous shiny oyster shells that litter the beach, Silver Strand has become known for its epic seashell collection and secluded location. The beach is located in San Diego’s South Bay, and is perfect for those wanting to stray away from more populated beaches. And with beaches becoming increasingly more crowded from seasonal tourists, it’s a fantastic alternative.

All of the typical water sports and favorites such as volleyball can still be enjoyed, however most who visit the beach seek the peace and tranquility of the secluded location. In fact, because of its laidback qualities, many visit the state beach to camp as well as collect clams. Fishermen will enjoy the catches, with most snagging species like perch, corbina, grunion, and yellow-fin croaker. For those who enjoy a rigorous bike ride, there is a nice 10-mile bike path winding from Imperial Beach to Coronado, practically the length of the isthmus that is Strand. The entire environment is placid, so relaxing activities like enjoying a book or getting in some sun is ideal. Whatever you decide to participate in on your beach day, you can be guaranteed to have a private afternoon with beautiful views.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach 

For a laidback feel, look no further than Ocean Beach for its retro vibes, complete with quaint taco stands and even a vinyl records store. Surf stores are in abundance, perfectly situated to get you prepared and into the water. A favorite with San Diego natives, the beach is part of a small town complete with friendly locals and anxious surfers in pursuit of some gnarly waves. 

Near the San Diego River and the Point Loma hills, Ocean Beach attracts a fair amount of surfers with the promise of jetty-formed waves. Among the longest piers in Southern California, the pier at Ocean Beach extends far into the water, creating a perfect spot for fishing—which does not require a fishing license at this specific location! Dogs are also allowed at the beach, so you can bring your furry companion with you as you spend the day by the water. People-watching at Ocean Beach is always a fun activity, as you watch the talented skaters at the nearby park or just the general ebb and flow of the cozy beach town.

San Diego Dog Beach

Dog Beach 

Dog-lovers will recognize the significance of their pets’ freedom at Dog Beach, since it's one of the few dog-friendly beaches in the area and a leash-free haven for their canines! Dog Beach is one of the first and few in the United States to allow dogs to roam without the restrictions of a leash.

In a unique environment, dogs and their owners can come together in an unrestricted space and enjoy the surf and sand. A great location for both surfing and swimming, the beach provides spacious room to enjoy all the perks of a typical beach, with the addition of dozens of dogs at any given time! It’s the perfect way to get your pet out of the house and get some sun. As long as your pup has been vaccinated, you and your companion are all set for a relaxing day on the beach!