Vacation Destinations Perfect for Spring

Spring Forward with These Top 5 Travel Destinations

Laguna Beach

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For many, spring is the perfect time to plan a vacation. Whether the kids have spring break off from school or you finally decided to cash in on those vacation days, spring presents a perfect window of vacation time before the chaos of summer. To aid in your search for warm vacation destinations this spring we have researched some cities across the nation that are worthy of your consideration.

Laguna Beach, California

We may be biased here in California, but with so many amazing sunny locations it’s hard not to recommend one of the many locations here. With that being said, the city of Laguna Beach is an unforgettable destination.

Boasting sunny skies just about year long, your worries over finding a warm spring vacation spot are over. Laguna Beach is home to breathtaking beaches and coastal sights. Located between the major cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, the city delivers in its neighbor cities’ attractions. With around 30 beaches to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one that suits your style.

Whale and dolphin safaris, art exhibits, and guided nature walks are just a few of the attractions visitors can expect. Most activities range year round due to the near perfect conditions, giving you no excuses to miss out on all that Laguna Beach has to offer (including glamping)!

Not solely just about the enthralling oceanic activities, the city and shopping scene of Laguna Beach will satisfy any amateur shopaholic. Fine wine and dining can also be discovered within the depth of the city, providing a relaxing climax to any sunny beach day.

No matter what generation you may find yourself in, the coastal city of Laguna Beach will exceed all your vacation expectations this spring.