How to Make Staying at Home Fun?

With the present state of the globe and the instructions to remain at home to avoid the spread of the COVID19 virus, it could be impossible for people worldwide to preserve their mental and physical well-being. It does not necessarily mean exercise and eating well to take care of your overall well-being. 

There is a need for rest sometimes and to find something that will keep you busy and make your time more enjoyable and fun. Even if not perfect, staying at home is essential for the time being. In case you do not know what you should do to have some fun while being locked inside a house, this article right inspires you. 


On YouTube these days, there are so many incredible videos. Watching vlog after vlog, specific gameplay, or beauty tutorial from this site is one of the favorite things to do for many individuals while being trapped inside. 

Getting to stream your favorite "episode" or music video continuously without waiting a week for the next upload is exciting, especially if you have fast internet speed. This, of course, depends a lot on which provider you use or which package you have. If you ever wanted an upgrade that will not ruin your YouTube alone time and has wondered what is the cost of Spectrum internet only, well, you can find something approachable by doing simple online research. Afterward, all that is left is to enjoy. You might be the person that likes seeing the sailing exploits of other people. The choice is unlimited. If you have not yet discovered the riches of YouTube vlogs, now is the time to search them.

Pamper Yourself

The only thing you can do is to look after yourself in these unpredictable and even downright horrible times. Dedicate a day to some intense self-treatment and self-pampering. For instance, you could create some tasty salads and add them to your vitamin pills. 

Although, it is vital to make sure that it works for you. You could also give yourself a face mask and spend a lot longer in the hot bath than you usually would. 

Finish Up a Book

Books are another thing which will keep you occupied and amuse you at the same time. They are available on your shelves, or you can also borrow magazines, electronic books, magazines, or even newspapers from iOS or Kindle and Nook applications from Apple News. While often digital books can be pricey, there are still those that are conveniently accessible.

Completing a book you picked out months earlier would not only affect your understanding of the dictionary but will make your time more enjoyable. If you are usually too distracted, this time is the perfect time to catch up.

Do Your Chores

There's still something that needs to be done while at home. Just when one big DIY work is done, another one jumps out of nowhere. That is the way of living in a home. Stuff gets damaged, things break, and essential improvements are still to be made. Use this time trapped indoors to make your house look its best. Give the walls a splash of color, or patch up the sofa with a tear in it. You could also hang up some pictures. 

The great thing about getting all your DIY responsibilities done now is that people that will eventually come and visit you be delighted by the changes. Of course, it is best not to paint the walls if you live in rental accommodation, so why not do a significant re-arrangement instead? It is incredible what a difference can make to shift the furniture to the other side of the room. 

Relax in Front of Your TV

It is not all about doing chores. If you do need some time to unwind, cleaning and moving the furniture will keep you busy. Although, keeping the house clean can get a little bit boring over time. For that reason, one of the safest and simplest options is to sit comfortably on your cozy sofa and watch your favorite TV series or shows and movies. 

You could even consider watching something you have not seen before, even though it might not be a genre that you usually would not take seriously and be interested in.

Be Creative

To pass the time while you are trapped in solitude, launch a craft project. You can try such a wide variety of arty stuff, some of them soothing, some productive, some might even make or save you money. The ideas are limitless. For instance, make your birthday cards for loved ones. 

This is a brilliant way to save money and the environment at the same time. This can be achieved using old cards or newspapers and magazines with cut-ups and the good old pencils and crayons. You could also use an old pan to heat candle wax from old candles and make an affordable homemade candle.


It does not mean you can not wholly get outside and get a little fresh air just because you are housebound. To do some pottering, go into your yard, and regarding your garden time, you could take the time and plant any seeds, root out weeds or mow the grass. You will be shocked how much gardening can be physical. It is not going to be long before you start sweating. 

How to Make Staying at Home Fun?

If you do not have a greenhouse or a garden, do not worry. Many plants want to be in pots inside, for instance, an orchid which you could place on your kitchen window and take care of its well-being and wait for it to bloom.

The coronavirus lockdown is not an extraordinary situation that everyone waited for. Quite the opposite. Although, that does not mean that you have to stop with your life completely. Experiment with things you might do around your house. 

Not only can you try out a new hobby or do several activities that will make your hands busy, but you will make the full lockdown much more bearable and not to mention fun. 

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