How to Take Care of The Luxury Jewelry You Got For Christmas

The finest jewelry needs to be looked after with only the finest of care. Whether you've been lucky enough to receive a charming necklace or a show-stopping pair of earrings for last year's Christmas, it's essential to give your new accessories all the love they deserve. 

You may be wondering where to exactly start with this, which is where this handy guide comes in. Follow these instructions to ensure that your jewelry pieces stay as pristine as the ones you most likely swooned over on Bridgerton.

Store your jewelry correctly. 

Your jewelry pieces are subject to all kinds of wear and tear, even when you're not wearing them. That being said, it's essential to store them away in the correct fashion. Sure, you may already have a box you can safely keep your watch or ring in, but investing in a case with foam inserts is going to give your precious jewelry that extra bit of protection. After all, your pieces are faced with so much when you wear them, so it's essential to give them that well-needed downtime. It's also sensible to store your pieces separately to prevent the nightmare of your necklaces from becoming tangled with one another. 

Having a protective case for your jewelry would also give you that peace of mind regarding your future travels. Disposing of your jewelry in a toiletry bag or a pocket in your suitcase is guaranteed to cause damage your precious pieces, especially if you are headed for a bumpy ride. 

Let your pearls lay flat. 

Got a pearl necklace for Christmas? You may want to take note of this tip. When it comes to storing away your pearls, you should lay them out flat instead of hanging them to prevent the thread from stretching. Professionals also advise that you should restring your pearls at least once every five years to ensure the trend won't wear out and snap. 

Know when to take those gems off 

Knowing when to take your jewelry off is also crucial. As a rule of thumb, you should not wear jewelry when performing activities such as cleaning, swimming, playing sports, or even sleeping. This is because no matter how expensive your gems may be, you cannot forget that they are very delicate. So, when you don't need them - don't wear them! 

Beauty routine first, and then jewelry. 

When it comes to your daily beauty routine, putting on jewelry should be the very last thing you do. This is because your perfume, lotion, and makeup may contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage your items. So, it's best not to handle such products while you've got your favorite ring on.  

Inspect your pieces regularly 

Keeping a regular eye on your jewelry condition is vital, especially if you tend to wear your pieces often. So, before you put on those lavish pearls or pair of earrings, inspect the item for signs of any damage. For instance, look out for any scratches or issues to do with its finish. 

Use simple cleaning methods. 

If your inspection reveals that your pieces are starting to become a bit dirty, it's essential to use simple cleaning methods to fix the issue. Yes, you may think your fancy pearls need to be paired with fancy solvents and cleaners, but think again. Certain chemicals present in these cleaners have the potential to cause severe damage to your pieces. It's best to rely on hot soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your item with this in mind.  

Be aware of the materials you are working with

The bottom line is that it's essential to know what you're working with when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. That being said, before you prescribe a cleaning regime, it's best to consult your jewelry care guide or lookout for any information on the piece that may tell you a bit more about its materials. 

Alternatively, you may find that your jewelry does not need to be cleaned at all. This is especially if you are dealing with antique pieces whose design elements can be spoilt due to polishing. 

Allow your jewelry to air dry. 

After you have cleaned your jewelry, you may think it'd be wise to pat it dry and then immediately store it away. Even though doing this would save you time, it's best to let your item air dry for at least an hour before putting it away. This is because small amounts of moisture tend to get leftover after the cleaning process, and these can have the capacity to destroy your piece. So, allowing your jewelry to air dry will give the moisture time to evaporate altogether. 

Avoid the sun 

Sadly, the glistening sun won't do any favors for your pieces. The rays emitted from sunlight can have the power to alter the color of your gems. That being said, it's perhaps not a good idea to wear jewelry while on the beach on your next exotic holiday. Professionals also advise that jewelry should not be directly exposed to heating sources. 

Consult a professional if you need to 

Taking care of jewelry is a simple process. However, you may come across specific issues you find you can't fix yourself. For example, you may be dealing with scratches to your jewelry, debris build-up you can't reach, or lost parts. It is best to contact a professional who can perform the necessary repairs on your pieces on these occasions. 


Ultimately, there is no strict one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to looking after the luxury jewelry you may have got for Christmas. Instead, how you take care of your pieces depends on the item you have at hand.  

Be that as it may, the tips we have mentioned above should provide you with a clear framework on the steps you should take to ensure your pieces stay in tip-top condition for years to come. Love your jewelry, and it will most certainly love you back. 


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