Top 3 Creative Workflow Features to Increase Efficiency and Increase Profits

Many companies have job roles that require their employees to carry out repetitive, mundane, or even dull tasks. If you need to carry out such tasks, you can get frustrated very easily and procrastinate as you find the work boring.

Guest author Caroline Grogerssen gives us three creative ways that we can use to make mundane work more interesting. Using these methods, both companies and employees can increase their efficiency and profits (learn more about Caroline Grogerssen here).

Employers who have many mundane tasks that need to be carried out daily can implement creative workflows to reduce the monotony and keep their employees happy. If you are an employee and work for a company that is not keen on changing its processes, you can still use these tips to make your work life better.

A workflow can be considered a collection of various processes, including steps, activities, and decisions. These are the core components that every function is composed of, and mundane jobs have mundane workflows that may be effective for overall production but can be deflating for the employees who get them done.

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Now let us share with you three creative workflow components that will help increase your efficiency and profits along the way. 

A Standardized Process

Automating your creative workflow process is the way to do it if you want your office to run like a well-oiled machine. This will allow each employee to consistently complete their daily tasks with ease while ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Standardizing your creative workflow process can provide increased efficiency and productivity by imposing order on chaos. By introducing a standard creative workflow, your creatives can better focus on tasks that demand their unique skills, as they can follow the traditional process for everything else.  

Using an established creative workflow can also make your team more organized, which will directly impact how they communicate with one another. An organized workflow process will allow you to eliminate bottlenecks so that nobody works in silos of information.  

Standardizing your office workflows requires a bit of upfront investment in the form of time and money. However, its benefits far outweigh these costs in the long run. The time you save here can free up your creatives' time to come up with fresh ideas, collaborate more effectively, or provide a sense of relief and comfort that there is order in the chaos.

Use Templates To Train Employees

Once you have your process cut and dried, it is time to import those steps into a business or process template that can help each office member get up to speed. Importing your process into a template that contains every effort, expense, and milestone saves time for both you and your creatives.

This template must include specific instructions for the daily tasks. It should be broken down into a step-by-step process that each employee can easily follow. The template can also be incorporated with proprietary software to aid with the workflow process. Using templates in your everyday work can speed up the completion of all the menial yet necessary tasks that creatives hate to do. 

Continual Process Improvement

Once your standardized process is set up as a template, you still have to keep in mind that processes constantly evolve with time. Just because your creative workflow is now a standardized template doesn't mean that it cannot be improved further.

Creating a standardized creative workflow is just the beginning. You still need to make sure that you stick with it and monitor its performance to see if anything needs to be tweaked or added for your creatives to get their jobs done efficiently and correctly. 

Job management software like WorkflowMax can help you convert raw data into easy-to-read reports that clearly show how your templates impact your workplace.

You can compile your profitability data as well as time and efficiency reports in no time at all. Data gleaned from such sources can be used to keep pushing for improvements in your current creative workflow.


Go ahead and use these three creative workflow features to improve your productivity and revenue immediately. 

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