A Few Facts About Botox

You’ve heard of it, you’ve talked about it, you’ve probably seen it, and yes it’s pretty much everywhere nowadays. Its amazing abilities are now accessible to more people than ever before. Its growing potential has scientists across the world studying it daily and making improvements and reaching new developments. And while for some time it did have a somewhat bad reputation for being exclusively available to the rich and famous, it is now becoming more and more popular as more and more clinics open up.


And yes, this little speech has been about Botox. With all the different skin care treatments, including Botox NYC and other major metropolitan areas have been taken by a storm of news waves of clients looking to treat their skin to something really nice for a change, no thanks to all that dirty city air. 



If you live in a big city, chances are you know someone who’s gone through a treatment or even several. So here are a few fun facts you ought to know about Botox that could possibly shed some new light on this growing trend in the beauty industry.


  1. It’s super safe.

I mean, after decades of meticulous research and development, what wouldn’t be? When it comes to skin treatment, especially when it has to do with the face, safety is always the top priority. You don’t want to be injecting something into your face that you need to be scared of. 

So, Botox has been developed to be absolutely safe when injected into the face. And yes, face injections do sound scary, but they really aren’t, which actually leads us to the next fact of the day…

  1. It doesn’t hurt one bit.

Injections are scary as it is. Now injections in the face; that’s some horror movie stuff right there. And the people over at skin care clinics know this and they’re not monsters. They want the clients to feel as comfortable as they possibly can. This is why there’s this special compound called numbing cream, which is spread across the face, and it does exactly what its name implies; it numbs the skin on the face and eliminates any and all sensations.

So if needles are a big ‘No’ for you, then don’t worry, since you won’t feel a thing anyway.

  1. Botox’s discovery.

Much like with many other modern-day inventions, such as the microwave, Botox’s ability to smooth wrinkles was found by accident. Originally being researched as a treatment for crossed eyes, scientists found that Botox actually reduced wrinkles in a particular area when treating subjects. Prior to that, the botulinum toxin was discovered by a Belgian scientist in the 19th century, during a time period when the country was experiencing an outbreak of botulism.

It was only in the 1920s that scientists were able to have separate samples of the botulinum toxin itself.

  1. Botox can reduce sweating.

Yes, believe it or not, Botox does have the ability to reduce sweating. It is now being researched as a way to treat people who suffer from excessive sweating. In fact, there is a large variety of uses for Botox, which are still in research and development, but making great strides towards success as times goes on.

  1. Botox soothes muscles.

That’s pretty much the way it works. Our muscles are under constant strain and pressure. So, when Botox is injected, it blocks the nerves from sending signals to the muscles to continue working, which then causes them to lose the tension and cool off.

As a result, the skin above becomes smoother and the wrinkles fade away. This lasts until the Botox wears off and the nerves are able to broadcast signals to the muscles once more, at which point another Botox treatment will be necessary.

  1. It could possibly treat depression.

While this one is still under heavy research, scientists are making great progress at seeing how this particular ability that Botox could help in treating clinical depression.

Again, it is still under a very rigorous research phase, it is, however, showing some promising signs of development as time goes on.

  1. It can treat migraines.

But it has already shown to be a potent solution for treating migraines, those pesky headaches that no one really understands how they start or why. When injected into the head or neck, subjects reported feeling around half as much pain as they did before the treatment. Again, this can be linked to its nerve blocking abilities, which don’t allow the sensation of pain to reach the brain.

  1. You can find it pretty much anywhere.

One of the best qualities of Botox is how widely available it now is. Again, everyone has this wrong sense of what it is and who can get treated. If you ask most people, they’ll probably think it’s super expensive and you’d have to know some superstar doctor in order to get it. But Botox professionals are constantly expanding their clientele and offering more and more accessible treatments, both in terms of price and location.

And considering the many, many clinics open in big cities like NYC alone, it really isn’t very hard to find.



These are only a few of the many interesting things we have yet to learn about Botox and all that it can do. And as of right now, it is playing one of the biggest if not the biggest roles in the beauty industry, as the most trusted way to treat skin and is respected is the most effective form of anti-aging across the world. With all these constant discoveries and developments, who knows what kind of marvels can come to our reach, with the help of Botox.