Different Types of Office Furniture

When you think about office furniture, one of the first things to keep in mind are office desks and chairs. There are different styles and types of office desks. There's also a wide variety of designs of office chairs ranging from conference chairs to executive chairs. Here are the most common types of furniture you'll find in any office.




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Office Desks


Office desks will vary among function. For example, an operator's desk will not work the same as an executive desk. On the other hand, an executive's desk will not look the same as a reception desk. That's why it's so important to shop for different styles of office desks that suit the varied needs and requirements of your office. Whether it's a glass or a wooden desk, the most common types of furniture fit every type of office.


Managerial Desks


Managerial desks are desks reserved for managers and supervisors. Their office should be different from that of executives. The style and function of this desk is often based on the nature of the work involved, the person's position, and the facilities they use.


Executive Desks


Executive desks have their own function and style as well. While the design may vary, the ergonomics can't change. There needs to be enough space for the different aspects of the executive's work. There should also be an area reserved for the different functions that the individual has to perform.


Height Adjustable Desks


Height adjustable desks are exactly as the name implies. These are ideal for those who are in a position where they are required to stand and work at the same time. Some examples include architects, customer service representatives, designers, and reception professionals. It's important to find a desk that's sturdy enough and has the proper mechanisms in place.


Writing Desks


Despite the name, writing desks aren't reserved for writers. It's basically a clean desk that doesn't come with any features. It provides a smooth and flat surface that allows you to sit at the desk in a chair and focus on your work.


Writing desks provide plenty of space without cabins, drawers, shelves, or other details that you may not need. They come in a wide variety of designs, finishes, and styles that you can choose from. Focus on your personal style and tastes when shopping around for a writing desk for your office.


Floating Desks


Floating desks provide your office with an open and clutter free space. The floating desk has to be built into the wall, which means it doesn't take up space with legs or other features that can otherwise crowd a room. There are a wide variety of floating desks for small offices. This is ideal if you're someone who likes to work near a window with a beautiful view, or if you like the look of clean and simple lines.


Computer Desks


Like writing desks, computer desks aren't used just for computers. These simple desks provide you with all the space you need to keep all of your technological devices in one place, if you prefer. Or, you can enjoy the open space to focus on your work. You can house your computer tower, monitor, and cables and connectors needed for your computer to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some computer desks come with pull-out keyboard trays that slide back in when they're not in use.


Office Chairs


Office chairs come in a wide variety of styles and designs. They're mostly designed with good posture and comfort in mind. If you need to add an extra few seats to your office, then keep the following options in mind.


Conference Chairs


Conference chairs are mainly used in boardrooms and business meetings. Since they're used for collaborating than actual work, a comfortable seating position is required for this design. They're not as adjustable, functionable, and mobile as the other chairs on this list. But some conference chairs do come with built-in wheels.


Ergonomic Chairs


If you're looking for a chair that's comfortable on your back, then you'll need an ergonomic chair. This chair is perfect for those who suffer from back or spine problems since it provides contoured back support. It's also good for positions with prolonged sitting. Ergonomic chairs come with other features such as adjustable heights, armrests, and headrests to maintain proper posture while working.


Executive Chairs


Executive chairs are often used in conjunction with executive desks and managerial desks. These chairs also contain casters and wheels that make these chairs easy to move around in the office. They come with features such as a high backrest as well as a padded armrest and backrest.


Executive chairs are offten made from leather, polyurethane foam, and soft materials. These chairs cost more than the others on this list due to their high-end features and design.


Task Chairs


Task chairs are the most common type of office furniture. This is a basic design that consists of casters and wheels for easy rotation. Some task chairs are lined with foam for added comfort and support. Some manufacturers make the height easy to adjust. In addition to these features, task chairs are the most affordable chairs on this list.


These are the most common types of office furniture find in the workplace. Much like the employees in your organization, they have different functions. The different types of office desks and chairs offer different levels of comfort, but should be fine as long as you maintain a straight posture.