Gadget Gifts for the Holidays:

Cozy and Sensible Stocking Stuffers for the Health and Beauty Aficionado


It’s that time of year again! Yes, we know that seeking out gifts for loved –ones, standing in line, and pondering the inevitable doom of the credit card bills sure to come just after the New Year. Does this sound like part of the prescribed process, but this, my fellow holiday revelers, is the reassurance of the mere affirmation, “Everything will be fine.” Really. Buying stocking stuffers have become so easy. The only thing we have to do aside from strategically positioning our mice, clicking three times (perhaps not blindly) is thanking our lucky stars to have a beauty industry so wonderfully versatile, colorful, diverse, and affordable at our disposal. Stuffing a stocking is the easiest thing one can endeavor to do now, and it should be effortless with a few trendy suggestions from yours truly, self-appointed master of fillingashoppingcartwithonlythebest in under 10 minutes.  Here are a few suggestions to fill the red and white mantle accessory with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction:


Cozy and Sensible Stocking Stuffers for the Health and Beauty Aficionado


Skin Authority.   Protecting one’s best feature as a mother feline embraces her kitten collection is no longer a woman’s game, gentlemen; as a matter of fact, the skin care industry has erupted it the last five years with lotions and potions for girls and boys alike.  This skin care duo line fits right in there as the perfect treat for protecting the radiant Holiday mug:  


Dermaquest. Having the privilege of a licensed aesthetician in the family comes with its perks (other than being advised nonchalantly about the condition of my existing wrinkles), and next to the now renowned Obagi comes the fresh essence of Dermaquest. One no longer must be confined to direct consults with a Dermatologist to cherry-pick Holiday stuffers for brother/lover/sister/mother:


Trilogy Products. Non-bio dome invading properties of natural and organic ingredients look good, feel good, and have all of those simple down-home get-back-to-basics properties producing pervasive, palpable, and preservational effects on the even the most part-time product peruser.  I have an entire collection of oils at home used for everything from skincare (I make my own as well as purchase), soap and candle making, to burning for after-work and weekend therapy; myrrh and lavender are my favorite. The Rosehip-it-up kit from trilogy contains rosehip, almond oils, and grape seed for a refreshing, milky cleanse any skin type will crave and with nourishing hydration effects lasting well into the morning. Check out this brilliant collection at


Bramble Berry Oils and Kits.  One of my favorite things to do when the snow comes and I find myself locked it the homestead with nothing but thoughts and good intentions is to get creative with Bramble Berry oils and skin care recipes. Knowing exactly what is in your skincare is as appealing as those well-dressed trinkets of natural oils accessorizing the dresser. The site offers everything from lip balm to body scrub kits, al of which are not only packaged beautifully but are perfect for the ‘ole stocking:


Cozy and Sensible Stocking Stuffers for the Health and Beauty Aficionado


Kopari BeautyThere aren’t too many scents as immediately identifiable and soothing as coconut; it wafts in and around a room like a sea breeze off the coast of Florida. As a Holiday treat it’s priceless, and now Kopari makes a kit with lip balm, deodorant, and coconut melt moisturizer small enough for a stocking and large enough for personal pampering.  Kopari offers expedited shipping and a rewards program for the prospective skin care addict!


Glo Kit Teeth Whitening. Let’s face it, the condition of our teeth is one of the first things people notice about us, and is generally understood to be a primary indicator of overall health- so getting those pearls nice and white is an Absolute (not the Vodka, although you can use that as well with minimal blowback)!  Teeth whitening is everywhere, which is nice because a person used to have to visit their dentist for the royal treatment, as it were, dropping a week’s wage and then some. The Glo Lit Kit has now come into our lives, and for that we rejoice. It is so simple to use and not messy at all. Just simply apply the lip treatment, apply the whitening gel and then pop in the LED tray (it heats up!) and let it sit for 8 minutes for three sessions. That is it! So simple and the light combined heat helps to whiten the teeth much faster. Check it out here: