Tools And Equipment Every Coffee Lover Needs At Home



Ah, coffee! Who doesn’t enjoy a good old Cup of Joe the minute they wake up in the morning? The aroma alone of freshly brewed coffee is enough to breathe life into any sleepy soul. But making coffee yourself at home is an art, and like any artist, one needs their own tools and equipment to make the perfect cup of coffee. If you’re planning on advancing your coffee-making skills at home, here are the tools and equipment you need to get started or even take it to the next level. 

An Espresso Machine 

If you’re a hardcore espresso lover, then a coffee machine is definitely the way to go. Most coffee machines are elegant-looking, can be a great addition to your kitchen, and make amazing coffee. Finding the right one might be a tough task because there’s a large variety out there, and it all depends on how you like your cup of coffee. Coffee aficionados at Pick and Brew believe that getting your own machine is a worthy investment. They have narrowed down a list of the best contenders in the market that are affordable and easy to use. Many of these home espresso machines can also make lattes, cappuccinos, or just a tasty cup of espresso! 

Small Coffee Makers 

There’s an endless variety of coffee-making tools that will make your life easier in the morning. For starters, a French Press is considered one of the easiest tools to make coffee in the morning. It’s also the perfect brewing tool for cold coffee as well. You should also consider getting a Moka pot if you want to make a good cup of espresso with a portable coffee maker. It’s heat-resistant and can be used on the stove; it will produce a dense cup of coffee. A Chemex glass coffee maker is also one way to go if you’re into making pour-over coffee, or even a coffee kettle along with its ceramic pot. The pour-over method has been hailed by coffee lovers as the best way to get a tasty and rich cup of coffee. 

Gear for the Milk 

If you love the occasional latte or cappuccino, then you need to pay attention to the milk as well just as you do with the coffee. Consider getting your own milk frother tool that will create that much-desired foamy cappuccino you have at cafes. It’s actually very easy to use, all you need is to heat up your milk, then with the frother, it whisks your milk until it’s foamy and fluffy. It’s small, portable, and can be used only with batteries. You can also get a milk pitcher that has measurements to help you determine how much milk you’ll add; it can also be a stainless steel pitcher to keep your milk temperature just right. 

Coffee Grinders and Scales

For the pros out there, a coffee grinder is key if you’re considering the idea of having a fresh pot of coffee each morning. Coffee grinders come in all shapes, sizes, and functions. You have the electric one that grinds the coffee for you, or there’s also the manual one that is easy to use and is also portable. Be sure to weigh your coffee first with your own coffee-measuring scale so you can have an accurate amount of coffee beans. 

Coffee Mugs 

Needless to say, coffee is meant to be enjoyed in the right mug. Many mugs out there are thermal and double-walled, which can keep your coffee warm for a while. Meanwhile, getting the right travel mug is also one thing you should be on the lookout for, especially if you’re always on-the-go. Travel mugs today now are leak proof and can be easily carried around anywhere you go. Also, they have the ability to keep your coffee warm up to five hours. 

Coffee Canisters 

Believe it or not, coffee goes stale. So it’s always wise to keep it somewhere where air doesn’t ruin its aroma, taste, and freshness. Keep it in an airtight coffee bag or a degassing valve coffee pouch; this way, it will save the aroma and taste for days. You can also consider vacuum-sealed canisters or even coffee canisters that will have the power to seal your coffee safely away from anything that attacks its freshness. 


The art of making coffee has changed as we know it. Gone are the days of a simple coffee machine, and welcome to a world of making your own cup of coffee like a professional barista! These aforementioned tools and equipment will definitely take your coffee-making skills to the next level!