Top 5 Online Furniture Shops in 2019

Today’s technology allows brick and mortar stores to digitally transform and venture out into making a presence online. With everything being effortlessly available online, even furniture shops already have a digital counterpart. Apart from Amazon, IKEA, Target, and Walmart, which are all mainstream, there are already several alternate stores where you can seamlessly purchase your furniture.



In considering the best online furniture store, check whether they indeed have a physical store that you can visit to know more about their return and exchange policies. Of course in shopping online, you need to be able to know how the furniture will be shipped to you and if they will be sending in a personnel to help you set it up. 


Nevertheless, for this year, here are 5 of the best online furniture shops that makes shopping for furniture both seamless and convenient.


This store is known for comparatively low furniture prices that definitely won't cost you a hefty sum. They also offer a wide variety of products you can choose from. Those practicing a minimalist lifestyle would definitely love to shop in this store with bedroom furniture, lighting, ergonomic chairs, and even office furniture matching their preferences. Apart from offering furniture with low prices, they also offer a hefty number of discount deals and sales. The store even offers room ideas wherein they display the furniture in a visually engaging manner, as you would organize it in your room. Come to think of it, this feature may eliminate the need for you to enlist the services of an interior designer. Overall, users find it easy and convenient to navigate through this online shop, even with certain instances of being lost amongst the wide selection of furniture. Unfortunately, this store doesn’t have a physical shop that you can visit but they offer a protection plan instead of the regular warranty program wherein you can return the furniture within 30 days. Additionally, they offer free shipping for a purchase above 49USD.


This online shop has already garnered quite a number of positive reviews from distinct publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, and CNBC. Even FurnitureCap provides this online shop an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The primary reason for the positive reviews can be attributed to the user-friendly interface that allows customers to select their furniture and pay for it without getting lost anywhere in the process. This online shop boasts modern art and furniture at a cost that won’t hurt your budget. APT2B also don’t have a physical showroom, but most of their products are covered by a lifetime warranty. You even have the option of returning the furniture in case you are not satisfied with your purchase, but you need to cover for the shipping costs. The delivery of the furniture typically takes anywhere between 3 to 5 days and you can even hire the services of their third-party contractors to help you set everything up.


Custom-made furniture is the name of the game from this online furniture store. You will surely have the furniture that screams your personality with the tailored-fit solution that this store offers. They also boast an excellent customer support, without asking you to empty your pockets. Thus, this is one of the best online furniture stores that offer you quality service even after sales, without overcharging. While they do have production facilities, they don’t really have a physical store that you can visit. They do, however, a lifetime warranty offer and you can even return the furniture you purchased within a one-year time frame. If you attempt to return the furniture within 14 days, they will even cover the shipping costs. However, they do not offer a free delivery service and they may charge you anywhere from 49USD to 99USD, depending on the size of the furniture you purchase.


Apart from always having deals and discounts that online shoppers fancy, the furniture offered in this online store is conveniently priced at very affordable ranges. Additionally, being one of the biggest retailers in the market, they offer a vast range of furniture for you to choose from. While they do not have a physical store as of the moment, they are set to open one soon. Conversely, not all their products are covered by a warranty, but they do accept customer returns within a 30-day period. The delivery usually takes about 4 to 5 days and considering the number of their products, this is a reasonable lead time.

World Market

This online shop is known for unique furniture pieces and handmade items from different parts of the globe. They do have discount deals and promotions from time to time which can save you almost 50% of the total costs. Even without the sale promotions, they offer reasonable prices for their furniture, even if these are sourced from different countries. With unique pieces, your home interiors will definitely stand out from the rest. Furthermore, their website design has a convenient layout that guides you through the purchase process effortlessly. The site even has a “quick shop” features that allow you to easily move items in your cart without having to open any additional window pages.


What is even better is that they have over 250 physical stores that you can visit and they do offer warranties for their products. However, the warranty instructions might not be available on every product page. They offer a refund if you decide to return the product within 60 days and you can do so by visiting any offline store and processing the return procedure there. This will definitely save you from shipping costs.



Even the retail industry, including furniture trade, must leverage on the advancements of modern technology. Thus, having an online counterpart of a brick and mortar shop is already mandatory. But the challenge doesn’t end there. With several tough competition in the business, having the best online store can definitely make a great impact on the longevity of a furniture shop.