Why DIY Roofing Is Never a Good Idea

You rely on your home’s roof to keep you safe from the elements. Though they last an average of 20 years with proper care and maintenance, it’s normal for repair issues to pop up from time to time.

When they do, you have a choice. You can hire a professional to fix the damage or get your hands dirty and try to do it yourself.

DIY roofing may seem like the smart choice but for most homeowners, it’s not. Here’s why trying to fix your roof yourself is never worth the trouble.

It Voids the Warranty

Every new roof includes a manufacturer warranty that protects you from costly repairs due to a fault in the materials themselves. This warranty lasts for years as long as you take the time to properly care for and maintain your roof.

Unfortunately, those manufacturers are strict and won’t honor your warranty if you violate its terms.

DIY roofing and failing to take care of routine maintenance are the easiest ways to void your warranty. If you do, the manufacturer won’t pay for repairs or replacements even if it’s their fault.

Always work with an experienced roofing contractor. They’ll make sure your warranty stays valid for its full term.

DIY Roofing Costs More

When you work on your own roof, you have to buy the right roofing materials and tools to get the job done. That often means a trip to your local hardware store where you can expect to pay full retail price for everything you need. This can mean spending hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket to even fix a tiny problem.

According to this article, hiring an experienced roofing company typically costs you less than trying to handle the repairs on your own.

Experienced roofers already have the right tools and often get materials at a lower price than you’d find at hardware stores. They'll pass those savings onto you.

Even better, pros know what they’re doing so you won’t have to worry about hiring someone to fix their mistakes.

Roofing Is Dangerous

Roofing takes a lot of training to do right, but more importantly, it takes training to do it safely. Roofing companies have strict guidelines and safety procedures in place to protect their employees and to keep your roof in good condition.

They know what works and can handle working in the elements without issue.

If you’re doing it on your own, there’s a huge risk that you’ll fall and hurt yourself. You won’t have the necessary training or safety equipment to prevent falls in the first place.

You Could Do More Damage to Your Home

Roofing is incredibly complex. There are layers of shingles, roofing underlayment, waterproofing, and insulation components that all impact the health and integrity of the roof. Damage to any one component can put your home at risk and finding the source of the problem isn’t always easy.

Say you have a leak in the attic and notice that there’s a missing shingle right over the location of the leak. Replacing the shingle might help. However, if you’re not used to working with roofing materials, you might miss the fact that the water traveled from a different damaged area on the roof.

Fixing what seems like the obvious issue without addressing the underlying problem could worsen the damage. The worse things get, the more expensive a final fix will be.

It’s Time-Consuming

Do you really want to sacrifice your weekend or your day off to fix your roof? Even when you know what you’re doing, the process can take a few hours. If you’re new to DIY roofing, you can expect to spend at least a day on the project.

The more complicated the repair is, the longer it will take you and the less time you’ll have for yourself.

Instead, leave it to the pros and let them take care of your roof repairs for you. Most minor issues will get fixed quickly. If you have more serious repairs, hiring a roofing company will free up your time so you can focus on relaxing and doing the things you enjoy.

DIY Roof Work Rarely Looks Good

When you let a professional repair your roof, you know that the part they work on will look just as good as the rest of the roof. Repairing it on your own makes it incredibly hard to get that seamless transition between the repaired area and the rest of the materials.

This can make your roof look poorly maintained at best and ugly at worst. It may even lead to fines if you live in an area with a strict homeowners’ association.

It Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

Installing a new roof or maintaining your old one is one of the best ways to increases your home’s value which is key if you ever plan on selling the house. Prospective buyers often look for homes that don’t need much work before they can move in.

If your roof looks damaged or your DIY repairs just aren’t holding up, they won’t be willing to pay the full amount you’re asking.

Leaving the roof repairs to an experienced contractor is the best way to improve your home’s value and increase the amount you’ll be able to get if you sell. They’ll make sure the roof is in good condition and can guarantee that the appearance will be uniform across the entire roof.

Leave Roof Repairs to the Pros

DIY roofing may seem like a convenient and affordable way to take care of minor roof repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately, it often ends up costing more than professional repairs and puts you at serious risk for injuries throughout the process.

Instead of trying to DIY your own roof repairs, hire an experienced roofing contractor and let them fix the problem. They’ll end up saving you money and can guarantee that their repairs will withstand the test of time.

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