Breast Implant Rippling can be avoided: Here is how

Breast implant rippling is one of the most common side effects of breast implants. Since the implants are malleable, they feel natural inside the breasts. Yet, the malleability is also the cause of breast implant rippling. More importantly, visible rippling is rare as compared to invisible rippling that can only be felt. This factor is more common among women who lack breast tissues.

Read on to learn more about breast implant rippling and how it can be avoided. 

Silicone vs. Saline

Women who consider having a breast augmentation usually aim for the most natural results obtained. Breast implants are getting more and more common; however, the most significant concern related to breast augmentation is the chances of implant ripples. These ripples are sometimes visible through the skin after the surgery.

By far, silicone breast implants are the most popular choice. This popularity springs from the natural results since no one wants to come off as fake. The gel's presence inside the silicone implants ensures that the breasts maintain the firmness, feel, and texture of real breasts. Therefore, the results of silicone implants result in a more natural look and feel. You can learn more from Dr. Gary Breslow on the causes of implant rippling.

As compared to saline breast implants, the silicone implants are smoother. Due to an uneven surface, the saline breast implants are more likely to ripple that might also be visible through the skin. Women with a low breast tissue ratio are at a greater risk for experiencing rippling of the implants. For avoiding rippling, it is recommended to opt for silicone over saline implants. 

The positioning of the Implants

Did you know that the positioning of the implants matters too? The placing of the implants closer to the skin needs to be avoided. It is recommended to go for a submuscular placement. A submuscular implant allows sufficient space for tissues in between the implants and the skin. If your implants are positioned above the muscle, the risk of visible rippling is more significant since they are closer to the skin. The best way of placing the implants is to get blended with the natural breast tissues. Such placement also ensures that the breast implants are less visible.

Having an expert surgeon is a sure way to get the perfect implants that feel most natural to your physique. 

Size matters!

The larger the breast implants are, the more difficult it will be to integrate them into the natural breast tissues. Also, a bigger size of breast implants indicates an unnaturalness. Refrain from opting for larger implants as these pose a greater risk for breast implant rippling. That being said, larger implants also suggest that you have had surgery. It is recommended to opt for proportionately sized implants. Seek the advice of an expert plastic surgeon and your physicist before deciding on the implant size. 

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