How To Maintain Awe And Passion In A Relationship: 5 Tips From Psychologists

Relationships should be enjoyed and not endured; they should be fun. The relationship becomes tedious when you lose touch with why you started dating your partner in the first place. At such a point, it then becomes a duty instead of something that should give you joy.

When looking for a mail-order bride, it can be a hassle knowing how to start a healthy relationship that will be stable. Kickstarting the relationship is just one small part of the journey. A lot of couples have breakups and separations when they no longer feel anything for each other.

Another common reason for breakups is when couples no longer feel the 'buzz' in the relationship. In these cases, there are no more mysteries or surprises anymore; everything seems like a routine. It almost looks as if there is nothing that you or your partner can do to make each other smile genuinely. 

In reality, love is never enough. It has to be accompanied by other things because love alone just doesn't cut it. Other things must be done if you are going to keep your relationship going.

Psychologists have several tips on how to keep a relationship going strong against all odds. 

It is not just enough to start a relationship; you have to know how to maintain a relationship. If any of the issues mentioned above hits close to home, you can bring your relationship back to life with the following tips by psychologists.

Keep Doing the Things you Used to Do at the Beginning of the Relationship.

Don't ever stop doing those things you both used to do at the beginning of the relationship. Was there a period when you used to go on date nights? Keep going to those dates!

Did you hold hands with your partner whenever you walked on the street? Well, keep holding hands! And if you always cook dinner together or take showers together during the early stages of the relationship, you should keep doing that.

Don't allow the slow hands of time to pry both of you apart. Don't forget those little gestures used to make both of you have butterflies doing backflips in your bellies at the sight of each other. Don't allow familiarity to set in and lose sight of all that your partner is.

It may seem not easy at first, but with constant self reminders, you will always be kept on your toes regarding the sweet little nothings you used to do together. Keep being as sweet as you were when you both first met. It works like magic. 

If you are a man dating a woman, keep showering her with the attention you used to when she hadn't yet accepted your proposal. Do things to sweep her off her feet every day. Finally, don't suddenly become stingy with your compliments and gifts.

For the ladies, don't stop trying to impress him. He may have accepted you for who you are, but this doesn't mean you should rest on your oars. Always look good, dress seductively every once in a while, and openly flirt with him.

Talk About Sex

Sex opens up a lot of things in relationships. You and your partner become more comfortable around each other as there is almost nothing to hide anymore. If it's a long-distance relationship, talking about sex will make you both comfy and reduce the stress that arises from a lack of physical, sexual affection. Get naughty with your partner.

Sending your partner naughty texts is highly recommended. If you can, send them at times when they least expect it. A line or two of raunchy messages could very well be what they need to spice up their day. Discuss new sex styles to try out with them when they return from work and watch them race home after work to be with you again.

For a lot of couples, sex starts to dwindle after several months of living together. This is usually in stark contrast to what it used to be like in the beginning. Rekindling things in the bedroom is a great way to fan the flames of passion in your relationship.

Be Interested in the Things Your Partner is Interested in

You and your partner certainly have a couple of diverging interests and attractions. However, create time to know more about what your partner enjoys doing. Getting involved in things that they are passionate about is a great way to spend more time with each other.

This is the case when you are dating a legit mail order bride, and you're still getting to know each other. Showing interest in things they love shows your partner that you care about them and are interested in their happiness. It also shows them that you will always be available, even if it means compromising things. Relationships involve many sacrifices anyway, so try getting more hands-on with the things they love to do. 

Learn your partner's love language

The term 'Love language' refers to how your partner reacts to displays of love and the things your partner needs to experience before they feel loved.

There are five love languages. You know which of these your partner reacts to helps you understand how to behave when around them. Everybody won't react the same way, so don't assume that because your ex enjoyed being showered with gifts, your current lover would too. Learn how to love your partner the way they want to be loved. 

Ask them questions, try out different things. When you know their love language, the game changes. You are then able to make them blush, trip, and fall for you all over again. 

You should also know your love language. Knowing what you want helps you understand how to react to your partner. Don't expect that you will have the same love language as your partner because you are a couple. 

Be a safe space 

Let your partner know that they can confide in you. Humans love being heard, so listen when your partner talks. Please don't be too hasty to advise them and try not to interrupt them when they speak.

One way of showing your partner that you love them is by being trustworthy. Be the kind of partner that won't fly off the handle because their partner interrupted their sleep to rant at 2 am. 

Let them bring their 'garbage' to you. Embrace them when they are confused, sad, or depressed. Be a haven, somewhere they can run to in their times of need.

Let them know that you've got their back no matter what. Let them feel important, wanted, and loved. The best way to maintain a relationship is by putting in the effort. You have to be willing to do what it takes to make it work. 


Jamie Pollsters is a seasoned dating coach with over 15 years of experience in mentoring couples online. He joined forces with a group of people who are also passionate about making other people's relationships work. He now works at YourMailOrderBride and is dedicated to helping couples in their relationships and helping men find great mail order wives.

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