Hacienda Cerritos A Magical Resort Not Far Away

Over the hills and a short trip by silver jetliner, there's a magical place. It's a sanctuary simply named Hacienda Cerritos.

Aerial shot of The Hacienda Cerritos Resort

Over the hills and not far away by silver jetliner, there is a magical place. It is a sanctuary simply named Hacienda Cerritos. Presiding over an imperious bluff, she watches the waves of the azul océano Pacífico worship the shore in eternal supplication.
This mission–style five acre estate is only a mere 40 steps from the pristine and riptide–free Playa Los Cerritos and its two sister properties, Cerritos Beach Club and the Mayan Village Resort. Yonder in the big blue ocean are yacht moorings available for the seaworthy and nearby is a helipad for swifter arrivals.

Pushing the heavy, double wooden doors handcrafted with the revered image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, you enter into a mission courtyard complete with a traditional Spanish fountain. This is a sacred space that induces an exhalation of breath and eases the cares of another world. Octagons interspersed with diamond shaped terracotta tiles mute the footsteps as you enter the great room. A forty–foot–high red tiled bovida compels the neck to crane backwards and gaze with open mouth. An acoustic hush competes with the waves. You have arrived.

Only 10 Señor and Señora master bedroom suites are available. Within are stone fireplaces and personal refrigerators to chill the rosé sangria. The suites’ Jacuzzi bathtubs and the two person open air showers, covered in butter-yellow Mexican tile, are massive. Some rooms even have an outside shower with a private balcony and an expansive view. How does one ever leave the boudoir or, in Spanish, la recámara?

A chef is on the premises and two gourmet kitchens with all the modern conveniences are available (one for avid foodie guests who like to cook). Dare to throw away your ruby red stilettos or golf shoes and go barefoot in the rotunda game room on the second floor, but bring the binoculars for the bird or whale watching.
Luxurious corporate retreats vie with romantic weekend getaways, as do the yoga devotees and reclusive writers who find themselves attracted to the perfect solitude and serenity. This coveted ambience is easy to find in abundance and is actually considered “anti–Cabo.”
Entrepreneur Roger Pollock envisioned Hacienda Cerritos in the early 80s while on his first surfing expedition to the only safe swimming beach on the coast of Cabo. His discovery captivated him forever.

“Everyone said “no” when I wanted to create this,” said Pollock. “But I really felt that this was a truly special place that needed to be shared.”
He and architect Jon Nordby designed it to showcase the dramatic and stunning views.

In continuance with the Latin American theme, there are black wrought–iron chandeliers throughout and furniture of traditional wormwood hand–crafted with recycled and sustainable materials from Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Puebla. Local authentic artworks frame the clay walls.
“My favorite aspect is the mission entry,” said Pollock. “Because when you walk in, the courtyard just feels- magical.”
Spanish colonial architecture has a lot of angles with peaked roofs, while the Mexican hacienda has a flat roof and a compound of multiple square buildings, but this is a grand home of contemporary stone, brick and concrete made to look like old adobe. Strong archways and rounded dome ceilings are in every room. Hacienda Cerritos brings to mind an ancient building in disrepair and that has been lovingly restored back to glory.

“I had been warned about the dirt roads so I didn’t expect much,” said Nick Cavazos, a world traveler and professional photographer. “But when I pulled up to the Hacienda, it was like I was transported back in time- it felt like a hacienda created for royalty. The attention to detail is amazing.”
By car, the property is 10 minutes from the colorful artist and expats enclave of Todos Santos and 20 minutes from the thriving Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. This reserve encompasses 300,000 acres of protected wildlife, emerald pools and foliage amidst the red rock formations.

There are plenty of hiking trails and horseback riding for the active eco-tourist or a paparazzi–free locale for the rich and famous. In fact, the Hacienda has hosted its share of Hollywood stars, such as actor Rob Lowe.

This exclusive luxury beachfront resort is in its 7th season with a successful 100% occupancy and is the largest single employer in Cabo. The surrounding areas abound with organic farms, which stock the Hacienda’s larder with ubiquitous avocados, tomatoes, mangos, and papayas. Dining is an authentic “farm to table” or “ocean to table” experience for the international gourmand and novice alike. The ocean yields a bounty of striped, black, and blue marlin, snapper, bonita and dorado.

Running a business in Latin America is not without its challenges and can be trying at times, and in response to the question for his advice to others pursuing their dreams, Pollock said, “It’s about building the team. Don’t settle for mediocre. Get up early. Never quit. And don’t listen to the naysayer.”
But his primary motto? “Take care of the guests.”
Hacienda Cerritos’ ecru walls and domed cathedrals resound with this motto. The gracious hospitality and quiet abode only add to the natural, primordial energy that lives in the red earth here.

Hacienda Cerritos
Playa Cerritos, Mexico
+52 612 107 9935 or 503-850-4293 | Web: http://www.haciendacerritos.com/