Tricks to Get a Better Mortgage Rate When You Really Need it




Some people might think they know everything there is to know about mortgages and how to get the best rate, but there are people who do not know the tricks to get a better mortgage rate. It does not require much experience in home buying to learn some of the following tricks, so why not give them a try?


Pay Attention to Your Rates


Paying attention to the details is a very important step when searching for a good mortgage rate. This is even good advice after you get your mortgage because a number of homeowners get complacent, which could lead some of them to be unaware of their rates.


You do not want to be this kind of person, so make sure you play close attention to the rates offered by the mortgage lenders you come in contact with. It might be a good idea to use Internet tools to help you compare mortgage options, no matter how quickly they change. You are probably taking steps to improve your credit as you look at your options, so changes can occur at any time.


Be on Top of Your Job History


Another part of your life that lenders are going to pay attention to is your job history and earnings. Ideally, you want to make sure you have been at your place of employment for two years or more before applying for a mortgage loan. This does not mean it is necessarily bad that you switch jobs as long as your switch was for better pay.


Those who were unemployed within the last two years should avoid applying at this time because it will not good. Those hoping for a promotion should hold off applying for a loan just in case the promotion comes in. This will look like you are moving up, which could get you a better rate.

Prepare to pay a Healthy Down Payment

The minimum downpayment lenders are asking for should just be your guideline rather than the actual amount you put down. Your rate is going to be better if you put down a large amount.


Now, no one is saying you should exhaust all of your cash to put down a large down payment, but you should definitely do the best you can while reserving some. Keep in mind that most lenders still expect you to keep a cash reserve that can cover your expenses for at least two months after the sale closes. Try to initiate some extreme savings tactics so that you can save enough money to put down a larger amount, which should also end up helping you pay off this debt sooner rather than later.


Stay Away From Debt


Most people are used to debt; it is simply a way of life, but that has to be put on pause for just a moment. You need to make sure your debt either stays the same or is significantly reduced if you want the rate to be where it should.


There are a lot of guides online that can help reduce your debt, but you also have to do your part and resist temptation by not attaching yourself to any additional debt while applying for a mortgage loan. You want to start this process as soon as you can, preferably a few years before you try to apply so that you can take a big chunk out of your debt.


Hopefully, some of these tricks make it easier for you to get a mortgage loan rate that is aligned with what you were hoping for.


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