8 Dos and Don’ts When Rocking Denim on Denim


Denim on denim, when done correctly, looks amazingly chic – but one simple mistake and you can wind up in the most humiliating situation similar to the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake debacle of 2001.

The double-denim trend is a tricky beast to tame. Even when fashion icons pull off the look flawlessly, it is still an intimidating style to execute. That said, if you are wondering how to wear a Canadian tuxedo supremely and turn heads, then here is the ultimate guide of dos and don’ts of wearing denim on denim outfit.

1.    Do: Pair Different Shades of Denim

If you have just bought some denim outfits and are trying it out for the first time, it’s a smart choice to play with colors before trying that double-blue denim look. For instance, start out with a blue denim jacket over white jeans shorts, or chambray shirt on black jeans. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when pairing different shades of denim.

2.    Don’t: Put on Denim Accessories

Jeans should be limited to your clothing only, avoid accessorizing with a denim hat, denim shoes, a denim handbag, denim choker or other accessories.

3.    Do: Hide or Flatter Body Parts Using Denim Shades

Here is a fashion rule to always keep in mind – the lighter washes of denim highlights the body types they cover, whereas the darker shades create a slimming effect. You can shop for the perfect denim clothes at TeenzShop that will match your body type and color preference. For the most flattering look, especially for girls, pairing dark denim jeans with lighter denim jacket or top gives you the most attractive look.

4.    Don’t: Wear an Outfit with the Same Denim Weight or Wash

Denim on denim gives you an edgy look and exudes your boldness when it comes to fashion. Avoid looking too matchy-matchy by paring different denim shades and weight. Mostly, go for a lighter top with denim jeans or shorts.

5.    Do: Ripped Denim

One thing about ripped denim jeans or shorts is that it always looks flawless on the denim on denim look. Buy distressed denim online or tear away some of the jeans in your closet.

6.    Don’t: Look to Cowboys for Inspiration

Denim on denim is mostly associated with the Wild West look. Unless you want to look like a caricature, shun inspiration from the westerns – this means, avoiding accessories like cowboy hats, boots, Western belts, and bolo ties.

7.    Do: Accessorize Your Double Denim Look

Dress up your denim on denim the right way. Try accessories like statement heels, a fabulous red lip, tuxedo blazer or a necklace.

8.    Don’t: Pull off a Spears and Timberlake look

Whenever in doubt, refer to the now-iconic and most memorable look of Britney Spears and Timberlake at the red carpet in 2011. That image should serve as a reminder of how innately wrong denim on denim can go. With that in mind, it will be impossible for you ever to make this mistake especially if you follow the dos and don’ts discussed above.

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